The Fallen DiMera Phoenix: Megan’s Return to Revive Stefan?

The old saying warns against flying too close to the sun, lest you melt your wings and come crashing back down to earth. That is essentially what happened metaphorically to Days of Our Lives’ Stefan DiMera after he and Gabi gained control of the DiMera empire. His wings of power dissolved as Gabi went to prison and Stefan fell under the thumb of villainous Clyde Weston. Now stripped of everything, with EJ having seized the family company and the District Attorney’s office, Stefan is a man without allies or resources.

However, EJ’s current position of power makes him ripe for a stunning downfall himself. While he may gloat about reclaiming what’s “rightfully” his, the DiMera family history is one of endless power plays and fallen regimes. Just as EJ smugly claims their father Stefano would be disgusted by Stefan’s failures, perhaps it’s time for the karmic pendulum to swing back the other way. And the ideal person to orchestrate EJ’s demise? His own diabolical sister Megan.

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Once bent on eliminating Stefan himself, Megan Hathaway (played by Miranda Wilson) is now potentially Stefan’s only hope of survival, let alone revival. Despite her homicidal tendencies, even Megan never directly took a life. As Wilson pointed out, “She never killed anyone. The source of the hate fans have had for her is that she was intervening between Bo and Hope. That’s it?”

While Megan’s destructive obsession with Bo could be debated, Wilson makes a valid point – most of the DiMera clan have more blood on their hands than Megan. And yet they continue carrying on business as usual in Salem. Even if one considers the lives claimed by Megan’s mind-controlled pawn Harris Michaels, she can claim “plausible deniability.”

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The DiMera family empire has been built on schemes, betrayals, and even attempted murders galore. So why should Megan’s personal track record be an exception? If ever there were two kindred DiMera spirits suited to join forces against their comically overprivileged brother EJ, it’s the powerless Stefan and the runaway Megan.

With nothing left to lose, Stefan could surely offer Megan a deal to destroy EJ’s credibility as DA, clearing the way for her own return to Salem. While Stefan may currently have nothing material to entice Megan, as a DiMera he knows there’s always leverage to be obtained through cunning bargains. Megan herself proved her genius for turning dire situations around through audacious moves like somehow switching places with a hospitalized Gabi.

If anyone could concoct a plan to impoverish the smug EJ while elevating themselves, it’s this duo of outcasts. And Megan seems willing, telling reporters “If there’s work to do, I’ll do it. I’ll make it happen.” What bigger career opportunity than dismantling EJ’s carefully reconstructed dominance?

The DiMeras have risen from the ashes more times than a phoenix. Stefano himself “died” and returned repeatedly, as EJ noted in lecturing about “starting over” building character. Megan’s own comeback could be next, rising metaphorically from her own form of death – her ruined reputation and hasty exit years ago.

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With her knack for escape acts and Stefan’s burning desire for payback, Megan’s revival feels thematically fitting. After all, EJ will inevitably become increasingly corrupted by his self-appointed moral superiority over the title of DA. A deliciously ironic downfall at the hands of two supposed “lost causes” could be the karmic reckoning he never sees coming.

The DiMera empire’s cycle of rise and fall is unending. So as EJ basks in reclaiming what he feels is his birthright, perhaps it’s Stefan’s turn to be the one who stunningly “starts over” – with some timely assistance from Salem’s most resourcefully unhinged runaway. In the DiMera family, falling wings can spectacularly re-feather given the right scheme partners. Like a phoenix, Megan and Stefan may be destined to burn EJ’s world down only to rise drastically from the ashes themselves.

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