Y&R Spoilers: Lily ponders Heather’s future, Diane asserts her authority

The tangled web of relationships in Genoa City continues to create drama and tension. At the Abbott mansion, Lily returned home to find her ex-husband Daniel cozying up to his ex-wife Heather, along with Lily’s daughter Lucy. It was a slap in the face for Lily, who had been away hoping to find herself after her marriage crumbled.

While Daniel claims it wasn’t intentional for him and Heather to rekindle their romance, Lily isn’t buying it. She feels betrayed, not just by Heather swooping in, but also by her own brother Devon keeping this a secret. Lily’s anger boils over as she declares to Heather “You made your choice, I will make mine!” When Heather assumes this means being fired from her job at Lily’s company, Lily is non-committal, leaving Heather’s fate up in the air.

The tensions don’t end there. Over at Crimson Lights, a confrontation brews between Tucker McCall, his fiancée Audra, and Tucker’s ex-wife Ashley. Ashley’s recent erratic behavior has Tucker worried she’s mentally unwell. When he postpones a trip with Audra due to concerns over Ashley, Audra reaches her limit.

Audra lashes out at Tucker, yelling “Don’t touch me!” when he tries to calm her. Out of nowhere, Nate steps in to defend Audra, bellowing “You heard the lady!” This chemistry between Nate and Audra has viewers wondering if a new romance could blossom from the ashes of her relationship with Tucker.

Meanwhile, at Jabot Cosmetics, rivalries are inflamed between Kyle Abbott and his mother Diane. Kyle has chafed at Diane being placed in a superior position to him at the company by his father Jack. When Diane reminds Kyle “You’re supposed to report to me, not the other way around”, Kyle can barely contain his resentment, snippily responding “Forgive me if I overstepped.”

Family dramas, romantic turmoil, and corporate power struggles are bubbling over in Genoa City. Lily must decide if she can forgive Heather. Audra seems uninterested in forgiving Tucker’s closeness with Ashley. And Kyle may be unable to forgive his father’s favoritism towards Diane over him at Jabot. Bitterness and betrayal are breeding resentments that could explode at any moment.

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