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Aha! So *This* Is When Real-Life Love Triangle Hits Bold & Beautiful

By now viewers know that at the end of every Big Brother season the reality series’ winner and sometimes a few fan favorite contestants make a guest appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful. On September 26, the day after the Season 24 winner was crowned, Krista Allen (Taylor) sent Taylor Hale a big congratulations and teased that she would in fact, like others before her, make a pit stop at the CBS soap. “Really hope I get to meet you,” Allen shared. “Hint, hint.”

Now, we can confirm that not only will Hale turn up on the soap as a glam model, runner-up Monte Taylor and their in-house pal Joseph Abdin will appear as well as reporters on November 2 and 3, as listed in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Bold & Beautiful shared a video of the three contestants from the CBS Studio, where Hale stated, “We are so excited to be here filming a really awesome episode to show you all. We can’t tell you when it’s airing but stay tuned. You’ll see pretty soon.”

After Hale dealt with backlash from various houseguests, she, along with Monte, Joseph and a few others formed The Leftovers alliance. Hale and Joseph shared a romantic connection before he was voted out then she and Monte grew very close and took their showmance to the end. Hale made Big Bother history by winning the grand prize of $750,000, $50,000 as America’s Favorite House Guest and was the first Black woman to win the series.

As of yet, there are no details as to what roles they will play but considering Hale won the Miss Michigan pageant in 2021, she could very well appear as a Forrester model with the guys turning up anywhere from Il Giardino to Spencer Publications to Forrester Creations.


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