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Ahead of His Days of Our Lives Return, Lamon Archey Shares Joyous Pics and Unforgettable Dance Moves From the Wedding of the Season

It looks like another trip down the aisle!

Days of Our Lives just hasn’t been quite the same since our favorite cop couple Eli and Lani packed up their family and left town. Well, OK, Eli packed up their family. Lani was shipped off to jail for killing her dad, the abusive creep, TR. Unless he’s still alive. (Please don’t be still alive.)

The good news is, we’ll soon be seeing Eli, Jules and Carver back home for the holidays — they couldn’t miss out on the Horton ornament decorating! The bad news is, it looks like Eli might have already moved on from Lani while she’s been locked away! Eek!

OK, it’s maybe not quite that dire, but Lamon Archey fans who can’t wait quite until the holidays to see him back in Salem know that they can also catch him over on another show, the CW’s high school football drama, All American.

The actor started playing the recurring superintendent of schools, D’Angelo Carter back in 2020, before, understandably, getting more screen time since leaving Days of Our Lives. And this season, his character even proposed to his lady love, Grace James! Just like Lani, she said “Yes” (Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?), and this week, we got to see Archey walking down the aisle onscreen once again!

The actor spent the day before the episode counting down to the wedding on his Instagram stories, then wasted no time in sharing photos and video from the event itself.

“Always a pleasure working with the All American family,” Archey wrote on his Instagram post. “D’Angelo Carter has come a long way. From one of the most hated characters to a now loving and respected one. Hope y’all enjoyed last night’s episode.”

From the reception, to the groomsmen and even a photo of him literally sweeping his “bride” off her feet, it looks like the actor’s been having a blast in his time away from Salem.


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Kristian Alfonso took note and offered up a barrage of emojis celebrating Hope’s former cop pal’s newest wedding, while another fan offered up a surprising connection between Archey’s two characters.

“Yes, great episode,” Angela Forte wrote in the replies. “Just so you know your middle name on this show Eli. Can’t wait for you to put that ornament on the Horton tree!”

And while we can’t find confirmation of that middle name, we like the connection enough, we say lets’ go with it. And we’re right there with Angela when it comes to the Horton ornament hanging!

But the real joy came when Archey shared a behind-the-scenes clip featuring much of the All American cast dancing the night away on the dance floor.

“Fun fact,” Archey admitted. “I learned how to do the Cupid Shuffle for this scene.”

Funny, he looks like a natural to us!


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Bài viết do Lamon Archey (@lamonarchey) chia sẻ

The actor, though, couldn’t get away with that admission without a chastising from one of his Days of Our Lives‘ family members.

“I’m mad you didn’t already know how,” Raven Bowens (Chanel) told her TV brother-in-law. Well, maybe when he comes back to Salem for Christmas, he and Chanel can help teach the rest of their family how to do the Cupid Shuffle. That’s almost a Christmas song, right?

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