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As Days of Our Lives Brings Back Blake Berris as a Character Who ‘Is a Huge Departure From Nick,’ He Warns Fans to ‘Buckle Your Seatbelts’

This past weekend’s Days of Our Lives season preview video was full of twists and turns, some that fans guessed at and others that caught them completely by surprise. It’s fairly safe to say that Blake Berris’ return to the show fell into the second category!

The thing is, he will not be returning as Nick who, as we recently learned, is currently residing in hell and working for the devil. (Though perhaps that spark of goodness he showed towards the end of the ladies’ sojourn in the afterlife scored him some brownie points.)

Instead, he’ll be playing an entirely new character with ties to at least two current Salemites. And Everett, Berris shared on his Instagram “is a huge departure from Nick Fallon and a total dream come true to play as an actor.”

As for what else we can expect, we did get a few hints, both from the video and from what Berris shared. In short, it sounds like it’s going to be one heck of a tale! “This story is a wild ride,” he warned, “so buckle your seatbelts. I would freak my wife out while she was driving bc I was so shocked reading scripts.”

Now that’s what we call an endorsement.


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From the video preview, we know that Everett’s tied to Abigail somehow, and that he’s Jada’s ex-husband. We don’t know a ton about him, but we do know that they split after their careers took them in different directions. So off the bat, he doesn’t sound nearly as bad as Nick was. And Berris shouting out getting to work with Abigail Klein, Elia Cantu, Billy Flynn (Chad) and Galen Gering (Rafe) make sense.

But it looks like he’ll also be mixing it up with Greg Rikaart’s Leo, Deidre Hall’s Marlena and Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes’ Doug and Julie. Julie always had a soft spot for poor Nick, and if she’s involved with Everett somehow, we can’t help but wonder if Everett is entirely new… or bears a striking resemblance to Nick!

We suppose we’ll find out soon enough and have plenty of time to get to know Everett to boot. When asked how long he’d be sticking around in the comments, Berris replied that, “you never know but still filming!”

The grateful actor ended his post by thanking “all the fans for giving me such an incredibly warm welcome back to the world of daytime. You are the lifeblood of Days of our Lives and I love you all.”

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