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As Days of Our Lives’ EJ Barrels Towards Tragedy, Dan Feuerriegel Takes a Breather For Some ‘Family’ Bonding

Well this is a reunion we weren’t expecting.

It’s so lovely to see those nice DiMera boys getting along on Days of Our Lives! God knows, EJ couldn’t have cared less about Jake. His death was just a chance to consolidate shares. But Stefan’s return to life has brought him and EJ closer than ever!

OK, so maybe EJ also just cares about his half-brother’s shares — and how Stefan can help him retain control of DiMera. And maybe their getting along is predicated on the elder brother keeping his mouth shut about Stefan’s brainwashing. For EJ’s sake, hopefully that lasts, because if our uneasy feeling about Susan’s fate is right, we have a feeling he’s going to need all the support he can get soon.

For now the two brothers getting along like two peas in a pod, and it looks like Brandon Barash and Dan Feuerriegel are doing the same! The two celebrated “Spooky Szn” (that’s Spooky Season for the non internet-speak folks) with a trip to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. There were chills, thrills, fire… and surprising guest star!

“Dimera Brothers shoot fire out of their heads,” Barash cracked of the first pic he shared on Instagram, “and go to Halloween Horror Nights. Thank you, Universal Studios, for the tix!”

The real surprise, though, was in the second slide, with Victoria Konefal hanging with the boys! We guess Ciara stepped off the boat for a bit to celebrate Halloween. Hopefully she found a babysitter for little Bo, since Ben, er, we mean Alex, is back in Salem.


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Of course, VKtribe probably put it best, responding, “A Brady and two DiMeras walk into a bar.” We have no idea what the punch line is, but it probably involves a fight! Or at the very least a few screams as they ride Revenge of the Mummy…

Either way, it’s wonderful to see that Konefal hasn’t lost touch with her Days of Our Lives family, and we’ll never say no to seeing Ciara stop by our screens again some time!

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