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As Days of Our Lives EJ Turns Over a New Leaf, One Diabolical Double Cross Will Cost Him Everything

Things probably won’t ever be as good for Days of Our Lives’ EJ as they are right now — whether he realizes it or not! He and Nicole are newly married. They’re about to have a kid. And even though he’s lost his role at DiMera, he’s been offered one hell of a respectable job as the second in command of Salem.

It’s not like he needs the money. The DiMera family fortune takes care of him whether he’s working at the company or not. It’s practically a dream life. A dream life for someone else that is.

Soon enough, Nicole’s baby is going to be handed over to Sloan and Eric. His and Nicole’s lives are going to be shattered, and then broken again when the truth that the baby’s Eric’s after all comes out.

But EJ and Nicole may not even reach that point if she learns he’s just been paying lip service to her and their family — and could end up in prison because of it!

EJ, you see, is not one to play second fiddle to anyone. Maybe Paulina and Nicole could talk him into taking the job, but no matter what he’d say, he’d still have wheels turning in the background to get his old power back. In fact, he may already have set them in motion…

Dan Feurriegel and Remington Hoffman teased EJ and Li teaming up… but Li’s dead. What if they did team up, only for it to go horribly wrong because EJ double crossed his partner?

Instead of faking Li’s death to set Gabi up, tear her and Stefan apart and wrench the every important DiMera shares from their hands, what if EJ actually did have Li killed? Maybe he was thinking, perhaps, that he wouldn’t have to bother with allies on the board when he could just take the stocks for himself and consolidate power.

It would’ve been so easy. Make a secret plan with Li to fake his death, have him play along to make sure Gabi’s framed, then hire one of the handy DiMera hit men to take him out. Maybe EJ promised he had something up his sleeve that could make Li seem dead, but not really. Maybe he promised to bring him back after flatlining.

But why bother? He could remove Li and Gabi from the DiMera chess board and devastate Stefan enough to be practically useless. And the deputy mayor job would be the perfect cover, allowing him to work the town from the inside to keep the truth from coming out. But come out it would and even without the Eric/Nicole baby drama, this perfect little life he has his hands on oh so briefly will crumble to pieces when it does.

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