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As General Hospital’s Austin Dodges Uncomfortable Questions, Roger Howard Shares One Heck Of a ‘Cyrus’ Development

The heat is slowing rising for General Hospital‘s Austin, but will he be able to stand it or will he soon be (metaphorically, we hope!) boiled alive? First off, there’s Mason, who flat out promised to pull Austin down with him (which almost earned him a trip to the morgue). Then there’s Ava, who’s uncomfortable questions now that she knows Nikolas is alive. And now Cyrus is out of prison and running around Port Charles on a forgiveness tour… but is he really as changed as he’s been pretending?

It’s tough to tell just how bad things may get for Austin, but Roger Howarth did share one particular thing with Cyrus himself, Jeff Kober, that’s “Coming into focus.”

Because while Kober plays menacing very well, he’s an artist of many talents. In fact, he’s not just an incredible actor, but also a celebrated photographer — and yes, you can see some of his amazing photography work on his website.

So we can imagine Howarth was all too happy to be the subject of one of his costar’s photos! He shared a little video of the beautiful photograph as it was “Developing,” over on Instagram. (Which you can check out here!) “Honored to be seen through the priceless lens of Mr. Jeff Kober. On a lovely windy day, he seems to see that we are all in this together. Felt that way.”

And that, indeed, is a sentiment as lovely as the photo. And if Cyrus is truly following that motto these days instead of just paying lip service to being a changed man, maybe that’s at least one less thing that Austin has to worry about. But only one.

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