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As the Big Five-Oh Nears, Days of Our Lives Emmy Winner Shares the ‘Baby Pictures’ His Dad Just Discovered

Time waits for no man.

It’s hard to believe, but the man who first introduced us to Days of Our Lives‘ Stefan O. DiMera is about to hit a milestone — his 50th birthday! Well, maybe it’s not so hard to believe seeing as how Tyler Christopher has been in the soap game since 1996 when he introduced us to another legacy character over on General Hospital: Nikolas Cassadine.

Fortunately, Christopher’s relationship with his dad in real life is far stronger than that of either of his most famous characters. Also, we’re pretty sure his father isn’t a supervillain like Stefano or Stavros. (And by pretty sure, we mean he’s not, we promise.)

But while his dad doesn’t have delusions of grandeur and world domination, he does have one great sense of humor! Case in point: Christopher’s most recent Instagram post. The actor’s dad, it seems was doing a little fall tidying up, when he ran across a few things he just had to share with his son.

“When your dad says he was cleaning out the garage and is sending you some of your baby pictures he found,” Christopher wrote in the post. “Well played, sir.”

Well played, indeed.


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Baby pictures? More like baby faced pictures! The photos come straight from Christopher’s earliest soap days, though it’s clear he, like many daytime stars don’t age quite the same as the rest of us.

And hey, while we’re here, we want to wish a happy early birthday to the actor as his special day nears!

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