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As the Fit Hits the Shan on General Hospital, Maurice Benard Shares a ‘Secret’: ‘Nobody Really Knows That’

Well, fans, the time is almost here and Sonny and Nina are preparing to tie the knot this week on General Hospital. However, secrets never stay buried on soaps and Nina is hiding a big one — that she’s the one who turned Carly and Drew into the SEC. While we wait to see if “Sona” makes it to the altar, and more importantly, through their “I dos,” Sonny’s portrayer, Maurice Benard, recently revealed something about himself that “nobody really knows.”

The actor posted a video on Instagram to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 through October 15, and revealed, “I am full-blooded Spanish. Nobody really knows that because I’ve been playing an Italian gangster for about 30 years.”

He went on to reveal that he speaks Spanish, and gave a little display as to such, then laughed. “Yeah, anyway, so that’s the thing,” he continued. “Everybody thinks I’m Italian, it’s just the way it is… but no, I’m Spanish.” He closed out his video by saying, “Adios,” meaning “goodbye,” then sang a little line from the Mexican folk ballad “La Cucaracha,” which means “The Little Cockroach.”

Along with the video, Benard reflected on having never been invited to any Hispanic functions during his 30 years as an actor and again determined it’s because everyone thinks he’s Italian. But he wanted everyone to know just how proud he is of his heritage and stated, “I am incredibly proud of being half Salvadoreño and half Nicaraguense… let the chips fall where they may, I’ve had a great life.”


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So, how’s that for a fun fact? And while Benard may be “full-blooded Spanish,” he plays Italian so well!


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