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As Young & Restless’ Victor Takes Over, Eric Braeden Puts His Foot Down On the One Thing That ‘Ain’t Never Gonna Happen’

Well, The Young and the Restless’ Victoria had a good run at Newman in the CEO chair, but so long as Victor’s around, she had to know it couldn’t last forever. He’s now bumped her down to co-CEO and taken back his office — which, as Victoria knows, means he’ll be calling the shots and she’ll lose all the independence she worked so hard to gain!

But what if Victor decided to take an entirely different career path? What if he decided to pursue a secret passion that he’s kept close to his heart all these years?

The idea of a hidden dream started when Braeden enthusiastically welcomed Michael Damian back home to Young & Restless on Twitter. Danny’s portrayer was quick to thank him, writing, “Love you, Eric, and thanks for pulling for me, buddy,” he tweeted back. “I’ll get your voice ready so we can do that duet of ‘Rock On’ together.”

And just like that, a dream duet was born! Instead of sharing the CEO seat, he can share the mic with Danny! Fans were quick to champion this idea, noting that in all his years in Genoa City, no one’s ever heard Victor sing.

If nothing else, we’re sure Victoria would love to have her dad distracted from messing with Newman. Sorry, we mean we’re sure she’d love to support her dad in his new passion. Yeah, that’s it…

Sadly, though, we don’t know that it’ll ever happen. When fan Katie championed the idea, Braeden stepped in to squash the idea. Once he stopped laughing, he added, “Ain’t never going to happen!”

Well, shoot. And there goes that dream, torn away just as we discovered we needed it in our life! Ah well, it’s likely for the best. We doubt Victor would have been able to share the spotlight with Danny anyway. Just as we’re sure he won’t even be pretending that Victoria has a say at Newman!

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