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Bold & Beautiful Exit Leaves Fans Fuming: ‘Such a Waste of a Talented Actress’

The Bold and the Beautiful thought wrong if it thought it could write off Krista Allen as Taylor without viewers noticing — and revolting. As fears grow that the character’s ticket to Rome was the one-way kind — as yet, there has been no confirmation — Twitter X has been set on fire with angry tweets and hashtags like #WhereIsTaylor and #BringBackKrista.

“If this is true, Bold & Beautiful has really screwed up,” Valkyrie XXIII tweeted. “They pulled off a bit of a miracle by successfully recasting Taylor, and then they just throw Krista away? If they can’t write for the character, that speaks to a lack of creativity, not Taylor having nowhere to go now.”

Jenn said that Allen taking over the role of Taylor “was the reason I started watching again after not watching for a decade.” Added MurphyB: “She breathed new life into the same repetitive plots and dialogue day after day. There is no valid reason why they can’t figure out what to write for her.” In fact, if Bold & Beautiful is having trouble figuring out a direction in which Taylor could go without fickle Ridge, Soaps.com has suggested one storyline (with Bill) after another (with Deacon) after another (with Jack) after another (with someone altogether new) for her.

AllAboutTheDrama pointed out that “Krista was one of the rare actors to promote this show on a consistent basis and entertain the fans.” (Soaps.com even named her 2022’s Social-Media Master.) “She did proper research and work on her character… ” AATD went on. “No doubt she brought in viewers, and this is how [the soap] treats her.”

Allen “did a magnificent job as Taylor, respecting the history while making the character her own,” wrote SoapyHousewife. “Balanced drama with humor. Chemistry with everyone. Interaction with fans. Emmy-nominated. And [the show] chooses to treat her like [bleep].

“If you’re not a Logan or attached to a Logan,” she added, “you don’t get used, Steffy being the only exception.”

Di suggested that the powers that be “don’t want any woman to compete with Brooke, which is why the only women on the show in her age bracket are her two sisters who think she walks on water and that psychopath Sheila.”

Superfan Matt Hanvey summed up many a viewers’ feelings about Allen thusly: “We love her.”

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