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Bold & Beautiful Has Kicked Off What May Be Its Most Bizarre Plot of All Time — and We’re Only Just Now Realizing It!

This would explain everything. Insofar as anything could.

We know we’re not alone when we say that The Bold and the Beautiful has left us scratching our heads a lot over the course of the last year or so. If we haven’t been wondering WTH was up with Steffy and Thomas’ obsession with reuniting Mommy and Daddy, we’ve been being perplexed by Mommy and Daddy’s tolerance for such nonsense.

Now we’re flummoxed as to why on earth Taylor would take back a man nanoseconds after he left his wife (and before he’d even informed his wife that he had!) and why Deacon would think that what, a day after Brooke got dumped (!) is the perfect time to propose to her — when he hasn’t even been involved with her!

It’s bizarre, right? But we think we’ve finally figured out what’s going on here.

Cue the Twilight Zone Theme

By and large, it isn’t like The Bold and the Beautiful to go all sci-fi/fantasy on us. But maybe that’s what in the end will make this plot so brilliant: We’ll have never seen it coming.

What we suspect is that the show is pulling a Days of Our Lives or a General Hospital and playing out a freaky Dr. Rolf/Helena Cassadine mind-control storyline. Some entity as nefarious as Sheila but with greater access to hypnotic tools is brainwashing everyone on the canvas into forgetting that they are sensible humans and convincing them that their sole purpose is to be in a relationship every single second of their existence.

Strange, Yes… But True?

Think about it. Wouldn’t that be the only reasonable explanation for Ridge restarting his old relationship with Taylor without first ending his current relationship with Brooke? Bonkers as it is, wouldn’t it somehow make sense of Deacon’s decision to pop the question to Brooke before her tears over Ridge had even begun to dry? Heck, it could even apply to Carter and Katie, who went from having forgotten each other existed to locking lips faster than the opening credits start and finish.

If our crazy idea proves to be true, when everyone learns how they’ve been manipulated — perhaps by the powerful Massimo Marone or Pierce Peterson (remember him?) for, um, some reason — they can all sit down, take stock and maybe begin acting like recognizable humans again. Got a better theory?


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