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Bold & Beautiful Preview: Luna’s History Lesson May Reveal Her Tie to the Forrester Family — *and* Who Wants It Severed

The plot may not so much thicken as thin on The Bold and the Beautiful the week of October 2. After R.J. takes Luna into his confidence about granddad Eric’s condition on Tuesday, she returns the favor a day later by disclosing a little bit more about her past — potentially giving us a big hint about what her future holds.

‘Hear’ and Now

Ever since Forrester Creations’ newest intern received that call from a mystery woman warning her not to get mixed up with… well, the very family in whose home she was at that moment standing, viewers have been pulling out their hair trying to figure out her identity. (See the likeliest suspects here.)

Whoever was sounding the alarm obviously has a history with the Forresters that she doesn’t want to see Luna repeat. But why? Is Luna the woman’s daughter? Is the woman an old flame who got burned by a Forrester? Is she a back-from-the-dead Macy — and just in time to complicate husband Deacon’s engagement to Sheila?

Amber Alert

Some fans have suggested that Luna is a surprise granddaughter of Eric’s. (He does have a lotta kids that have spent a lot of time off the canvas!) But if that were the case, it would end Luna’s budding romance with R.J. before it ever got started.

Our hunch is that Luna is besties with Rosie, aka Amber Moore’s daughter with Donna’s son (and Eric’s adopted son), Marcus. Rosie grew up hearing Amber’s stories of excess among the Forresters and took away from the cautionary tales a fascination with the fashionable family, not a fear of them. And when she retold the stories to Luna, they got even bigger — to the point that the budding designer just had to see for herself.

So it’s Amber who, upon learning from Rosie where Luna is, called to tell her daughter’s gal pal to steer clear of the Forresters. When Luna refuses to do anything of the sort, Amber will have to pack up Rosie and do the last thing that she wants to: return to L.A. and the hot mess that is life among her former in-laws.

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