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Bold & Beautiful Preview: Steffy’s Explosive Return Brings Revenge — and a Reunion With [Spoiler]

Deacon was worried about Hope and Brooke’s reaction to his relationship with Sheila, but many Bold & Beautiful viewers were instead waiting to find out how Steffy would take the news. If you guessed “not well” you would be correct!

As we reported previously, Steffy makes a surprise return on Thursday, November 2. Surprise in that her husband Finn has no idea she’s left Europe for home!

As fans will recall, Steffy was terrified when Sheila was allowed to walk free and after taking refuge at her grandfather’s mansion with the kids, she eventually packed them up and headed overseas for their protection.

Now, on the heels of Liam leaving a voicemail containing the bombshell news that Sheila is shacked up with Deacon Sharpe, Steffy makes her way back to Los Angeles with a whole new attitude about the she-devil. And while we wouldn’t call it concilatory by any means, she’s no longer shaking in her sky-high stilettos.

After reuniting with Finn, per SOD, watch for Steffy to announce that she’s not afraid of Sheila anymore. Steffy’s portrayer, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, explained, “She doesn’t believe for a second that Deacon can control Sheila from being evil, but she’s not afraid to face her fears now.”

Steffy will share a “warm” reunion with Finn and assures him she got “clarity” about the entire Sheila situation during her time away. “Steffy tells Finn that she’s not afraid of Sheila anymore, and she’s actually going to go see her and tell Sheila to her face,” Wood previews.

With a confrontation setting the tone for the women moving forward, Wood also teased, “In the coming weeks, Steffy will give Sheila some payback.”

Ooo, here’s hoping Steffy’s revenge is on an appropriate scale considering Sheila shot her and left her for dead in a back alley!

What do you think Steffy will do to Sheila? Are you happy she’s reuniting with Finn?

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