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Bold & Beautiful Twist Leaves Finn at Odds With the *Last* Person You’d Expect: ‘His Antennae Go Up’

Bold & Beautiful’s Finn has been through it lately and the drama is only going to keep coming when a blast from the past creates even more upheaval in his life.

Earlier this week, we learned that newcomer Luna, a Forrester Creations intern who has been helping out with Eric’s final collection, has unexpected ties to the canvas. Well, not entirely unexpected given that immediately after we were introduced to the young woman she began receiving calls from someone warning her to stay away from the Forresters. Our soapy senses were definitly tingling right off the bat.

After a couple of calls, which turned out to be from her mother, it was revealed that Luna was Li Finnigan’s niece. Ah nice, we thought, Li will be thrilled to see a family member. Well, that wasn’t the case at all.

Li and Luna’s mother, we learned, have bad blood. According to Li, it all stems from an incident in the past. Li helped her sister land a job in the gift shop of the hospital where she was a doctor at time, and it ended badly when the relative she’d vouched for became involved in a messy affair with another doctor on staff.

Declaring Luna’s mom a “disgrace”, Li not only wrote her off, but her daughter as well, and when she happened upon Luna in the design office at Forrester, it was a scene we won’t soon forget as Finn’s furious mom demanded the young woman quit her job and leave immediately!

Why would Li bear ill will toward her innocent niece, however, who clearly cannot be held responsible for her mother’s ill advised actions? It all left us feeling there must be more to the story — and now we may be about to find out.

The plot thickens when Finn discovers his long lost cousin at Forrester Creations. Unlike Li, he’s thrilled to see the family member he grew up with, per SOD.

But the happy reunion soon sours when Finn is brought into the loop about his mother wanting Luna gone. Like R.J., Finn cannot understand Li’s attitude toward her niece, who is merely following her dreams at the fashion house.

Given the closeness Finn and Li share, she is the last person one would expect him to end up at odds with, yet when she dodges his questions about Luna, “His antennae go up,” according to Finnigan’s portrayer, Tanner Novlan.

Watch for Finn to become “determined to find out what’s going on,” per Novlan, as his adopted mom continues to try and deflect.

Yeah, there’s definitely more going on here than meets the eye — and we can’t wait for Finn to uncover it!

What do you think the real story behind Li’s feud with her sister could be? Let us know in the comments.

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