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Bold & Beautiful’s Sheila Is About to Get the Grandmother of All Reasons to Return to Young & Restless

And it might be a good idea to take it!

Ever since we learned that Bold & Beautiful’s Sheila and Bill had teamed up, we (and pretty much everyone else on the show) have been trying to figure out how in the world this happened. We may have finally gotten a hint of that last week, and if we’re right, the next question is how long can this duo last?

Bill may be watching Sheila’s back and even managed to bully her way to freedom, but we can’t shake the feeling that something’s very off between the two of them. And that would mean that sooner or later, their “love” has to crumble, putting Sheila right back into hot water!

Things are tenuous enough already, and it seems like if anything else goes wrong, it would force even Sheila to admit that it may be time to let the heat die down a bit. But where would she go? Well, The Young and the Restless may have just handed us the answer to that: Back to Genoa City!

Is it time for a Carter family reunion, take two?

We thought, perhaps, that Bold & Beautiful may want to import some folks from Genoa City to help taking Sheila down — folks like Lauren and her estranged son, Ryder. But he wasn’t the only one of Sheila’s offspring causing trouble back in Wisconsin. She also had a daughter, Daisy, and through her a granddaughter, Lucy!

And while Sheila’s pretty much ignored that branch of the family since her return to Bold & Beautiful, that doesn’t mean a whole lot, seeing as how she didn’t even make the hint of an appearance into her beloved Finn’s life until he was marrying Steffy. But for all her time in Los Angeles, she’s not gotten any closer to being a permanent — let alone welcome — part of her son and grandsons’ lives.

Lucy, though, will soon be heading back to Genoa City to visit her dad, and that could give Sheila just enough of a reason to hightail it to Wisconsin! If she can’t have one grandkid, why not go for the other?

“Wait. How do you keep switching your face between yourself and Phyllis? Oh God, are you using those notorious Salem masks??”

Of course, we don’t see Phyllis taking too kindly to her sometime nemesis returning to claim her granddaughter. And we have a feeling Lauren wouldn’t be too happy either. But with Tracey E. Bregman celebrating her 40th anniversary with the show, this would be the perfect storm to bring Sheila back for some major story as she tries to force her way into another family member’s life!

Maybe we could even find out what ever happened to Daisy, seeing as how she was last seen being checked out of the mental institution by a woman who claimed to be Sheila.

For better or worse, it might be time for Bold & Beautiful to take a bit of a Sheila break. But that doesn’t mean the villainess has to do the same!

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