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Bold & Beautiful’s Thomas Is Poised to Be Exposed by the Last Person He’d Ever Expect — *and* Pay the Ultimate Price!

And a child shall lead them… to the awful truth.

Bold & Beautiful has Thomas doing a victory lap in the wake of his successful sinking of Brooke’s marriage to his father, Ridge and Dad’s subsequent reunion with mom Taylor (because obviously, the man can’t be single for the duration of a commercial break). But Thomas’ celebration is likely to be short-lived.

“What happens next is out of my hands. See?

You’re ‘Kidding’

Right now, Thomas thinks he was terribly clever to use the voice-altering phone app to make it appear that Brooke had called Child Protective Services on him. And in a way, he was terribly clever; it worked, didn’t it? Especially since Ridge never bothered to tell his wife what he believed she had done, he just dumped her and moved on to his backup spouse.

However, in another way, Thomas was as dumb as rocks to use the app since who else knows about it? Duh! His own son, Douglas. And while you might say, “And what? The kid knows about the app, too. Big whoop,” Douglas is no ordinary kid.

“No. 1 on this list of things never to say: Daddy’s guilty.”

Columbo Jr.

You’ll recall — and if you don’t, allow us to remind you — that in the past, Douglas has played a key role in a couple of major mysteries. For instance, it was he who blew the whistle on Brooke’s illicit kiss with Santa Claus Deacon. And it was Douglas who was the first to realize that Steffy’s adopted daughter, Phoebe, was really Liam and Hope’s “late” newborn, Beth.

So really, from Thomas’ perspective, there isn’t a worse person who could be extra-aware of the app than Douglas. The youngster has cracked more cases than Deputy Chief Baker, for Pete’s sake!

“I get that you’re mad, but surprised? C’mon.”

Crime and Punishment

When Douglas exposes the truth — or OK, fine, fine, maybe somebody else will figure it out — Thomas is set to face devastating consequences. Not only is Daddy sure to drop Mommy again — he always does, as chronicled in this photo gallery — but Thomas could very well lose custody of his son.

Thus far, Hope, as anxious as she is, has been working with Thomas to allow for him to spend more time with Douglas. But when she finds out that she’s been defending Thomas as a changed man when really, he hasn’t changed at all, she’s going to be as angry as hurt. And there will be no reason why she won’t use Thomas’ crime to ensure that his son doesn’t grow up with such a shoddy role model.

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