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Carter Reveals the Showdown Winner to Ridge, Who Then Finds Out His Father Is Dying

Wednesday, November 1, 2023: Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie gives Luna advice, Donna worries when Eric becomes agitated, Ridge is told his dad is dying.

In the design office, RJ says, “I’m sorry, Mom.” He explains that he wanted to tell her but Granddad insisted he didn’t want anyone to know. Brooke gasps, “So, this is true?” She protests that it can’t be — RJ must be mistaken. RJ shakes his head. He’s sorry, but Granddad is sick and it’s been getting worse. He only has a few months to live. “That’s why he wants so badly to win today.”

In the showroom, Donna thinks Eric must be tired. He insists he’s excited and fired up. He’s sure he sold out every piece and giggles, “I think I beat Ridge!” He walks out and an overwhelmed Donna sits and fights back tears. Katie comes in with a tour of buyers and then leaves again. Luna stays behind and tells Donna, “It was remarkable, wasn’t it?” Donna says it was but they still don’t know if it Ridge or Eric won.

In the main office, Carter tells Ridge that it was close, but one designer was victorious. Ridge realizes that he’s not going to tell him. He pressures that if they’re going to move forward with this company, it’s got to be with him, “So, what do we have?” Carter relents and hands Ridge the paper. Ridge says, “There it is. I won. I beat my dad.”

In the showroom, Eric tells Donna, Katie, and Luna they should have heard the results by now. Donna’s sure Ridge is just licking his wounds. Luna tells Katie how awesome it was to be part of this, “But you were like a machine.” Katie says RJ deserves a little bit of the sparkle too. “You really care about him.” Luna nods and looks at Donna. Katie guesses she knows about Eric. Luna confirms that RJ confided in her. He feels really guilty about not telling his parents — especially his father.

In the design office, Brooke reels, but tells RJ that Ridge won’t hate him for not telling him. “You can’t keep this a secret. You’ve got to tell your father. He deserves to know about his dad, OK?” RJ nods and they embrace. RJ says, “I’m sorry mom.”

In the main office, Carter congratulates Ridge, who wants to be the one to tell his father that he lost. Just then, Brooke and RJ come in. Brooke asks Carter to give them a minute. He exits. Ridge says he was about to go talk to his dad about the fashion show. Brooke says it can wait, there’s something more important. Ridge can’t understand what could possibly be more important. “I won!” He wants to tell his dad and see what he has to say. RJ hollers, “No!” Brooke urges her son to just tell him. RJ blurts, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Dad. Granddad’s dying!”

In the showroom, Katie tells Luna that she can see the toll this is taking on RJ. He is going to need your support over the next few months, “Eric’s presence has always been a given. I can’t imagine what it will be like without him.” Luna vows to support RJ. Katie says Eric will know how much they love him, “We’ll make sure of it.” Across the room, Eric agonizes over why the results are taking so long, “What if Ridge wins? What if he pulls it off?” He starts coughing as Donna soothes him.

In the main office, Ridge exclaims, “Why are you saying these things?!” RJ explains that his granddad came to him and asked him to help him design because he was struggling due to these tremors in his hands. Ridge asks how it went from that to dying. RJ tears up that his symptoms got worse. The doctor said it was TIA strokes and he started coughing up blood. Ridge asks why this is the first he’s hearing about this. Brooke explains that Eric swore him to secrecy. RJ wanted to tell him but he didn’t want to betray his granddad. “This is why he wanted to complete this last collection so bad…” Ridge hollers, “Stop!” He recaps that the man who has given him everything is dying, “That’s where we are. Is that it?” RJ chokes and nods, “I’m sorry.”

In the showroom, Donna tells Eric he isn’t well and can’t get himself worked up. Eric feels if he doesn’t win this, it’s over. Donna hisses, “Stop talking like that!” Eric knows it’s probably his last collection; he accepts that, “But I just can’t wait for the final tally.” He has to know. He hollers over at Katie to ask if she’s heard yet. Katie and Luna warn it could take some time. Eric pulls Donna by the hand, “Let’s go to the office and find out.”

In the main office, Ridge reels. His father dying doesn’t seem real. Brooke doesn’t know what they’ll do without him. RJ explains why he didn’t tell him — he just didn’t want to let Eric down. Ridge understands and asks how long he has. RJ says the doctor claims he only has a few months. Ridge recaps that this is why he worked with his grandfather. He wipes away tears and tells RJ he’s proud of him. “We all love him, son.” Brooke assures them they will get through this together as a family. RJ explains this is why Eric wanted to win so bad; to solidify his legacy. Just then, Eric and Donna walks in. Eric assumes from their silence that they know who won the fashion challenge. Ridge nods, “Yeah, I know.” Eric asks, “So what’s the count, Ridge. Who won this thing? You or me?” Ridge shakes his head and smiles.

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