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Chad and Stephanie Set a Trap For Sloan, Leaving Alex in a Compromising Position — Plus, Sonny’s In Tears After a Call From Will

Tuesday, October 25, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Stephanie encounters a shirtless Alex, Chad throws money at Paulina’s Sloan problem, Sonny worries about his marriage, and Leo stumbles upon a new job.

Allie comes home to Chanel after dropping Henry off for a sleepover with Nicole and Holly. Chanel asks what she wants to do and Allie suggests they call Alex. Chanel thought they weren’t going to make threesomes a regular thing. Allie assures her they aren’t. She just wants to grab drinks with him because the sooner they start hanging out again, the less awkward it will be. Chanel passes because she isn’t in the mood to go out. Allie asks what’s wrong, but a knock at the door prevents her from answering.

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Chanel opens the door to Johnny who’s looking for a favor. He asks if Wendy can stay there with them. They’re working on a secret project, and she just needs to crash somewhere until she can save for her own place. They agree, and Johnny leaves. Allie asks what Chanel wanted to tell her before.

Chad follows Stephanie into the Horton House as she assures Paulina over the phone that she has a foolproof plan to get Sloan under control. After hanging up, Chad asks what the plan is. Stephanie replies, “Beats the hell out of me.” They brainstorm ideas on how to handle the blackmailer and Chad suggests that he pay them himself. Stephanie won’t allow him to use his personal funds to get her out of a jam with a client, but they will give Sloan the payday she’s looking for. She explains Steve and John helped the D.E.A. bust a drug lord using counterfeit money, and the bills are in the Black Patch office. While Chad handles the transaction with fake money, she’ll break into Sloan’s apartment to snoop.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex walks in on a disappointed Sonny talking to Will on the phone. He hangs up and relays Will was supposed to come home for a quick visit, but he’s stuck in L.A. doing rewrites. He asks his brother if he wants to hang out, but Alex says while Sonny may not be getting lucky tonight, “I sure as hell am.” Since Stephanie isn’t interested in him, he’ll soothe his broken heart with as much meaningless sex as possible. In fact, he just had a threesome with Chanel and Allie. Sonny chokes on his drink and tells Alex he can’t let anyone find out about it. Alex gets a message from Sloan to come to her place. He takes off, leaving Sonny in a tizzy.

Sloan strolls through the Square and takes a Paulina Price campaign cookie from a man wearing a donkey mask and American flag top hat. She orders him to take off his mask. He reluctantly obliges revealing it’s Leo. She tells him she had a P.I. track him down because she wants the money he owes her for taking his case. If he doesn’t pay up, she’ll use a collection agency that doesn’t take no for an answer. He points out he has no money, considering he had to take a minimum wage job dressing up like a beast of burden. She spits that his kinks are his problem. He owes her and one way or another she always gets her man. She hints about a scandal involving Paulina before sauntering off.

In leopard print lingerie, Sloan answers her door to Alex, and they immediately start making out. While on the bed, Sloan gets a call from Stephanie. She tells Sloan her associate will meet her at the Pub in one hour. Sloan tells Alex to stay put and handcuffs and secures him to the headboard.

After Sloan leaves, Stephanie calls to alert Chad, and then picks the lock to the lawyer’s apartment door. Sloan meets Chad, who has a briefcase full of counterfeit cash at the Pub, as Stephanie walks in to find Alex half naked on the bed.

Abe meets Paulina in her conference room. He is so proud of her that he’ll resign as mayor and move to the capitol if she’s elected governor. Paulina won’t let him leave Salem, but Abe wants nothing more than to be her First Gentleman. Paulina is touched, but she has something to tell him. Leo shows up in his donkey mask looking for his check.

Abe leaves, and Leo removes his mask. Paulina recognizes him, but can’t put her finger on from where. She hands him a check, and he frowns at the amount. He tells her about his lawyer Sloan who wants money from him. Paulina grimaces at the name and offers him a job since her assistant, Mary, hasn’t been working out. After Abe runs into Maggie in the square and tells her of his plans to leave Salem should Paulina win, he returns to the office just as Leo accepts the job. Abe angrily wonders what he’s doing there.

Maggie comes home to Sonny crying over a movie while eating pizza. She joins him, and he confides in her about Will putting his job over him. He can’t let this break them up again. She tells him how Abe is planning to go wherever Paulina is should she become governor. Sonny thinks since Alex has been running Titan, he could quit and move to be with Will. However, he loves his job. And Will loves making movies, Maggie says, but maybe they can meet each other halfway. She goes off to find Victor and Sonny makes a call. “It’s me again,” he says. “We have to talk.”

Next on Days of Our Lives: Stephanie needs something from Alex, and Sonny tries to get Allie to open up.

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