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Chanel Finally Responds to Johnny’s Declaration of Love, While Susan Appears to Ava With a Clue

Tuesday, September 12, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Chanel makes her feelings known, Harris and Ava prepare for a trip, and Rafe closes in.

As Tripp and Wendy make out in bed, they realize they have no idea what time it is. She asks if he’s sure it’s okay to be shutting out the world with her. He is more than sure. He instructed Kayla only to contact him in case of emergency. Since he hasn’t heard from her yet, he passionately kisses Wendy again.

Wearing her sparkly dress reserved for special occasions, Paulina sits with Chanel in their living room. Abe’s taking her to the bistro after their second date went much better than the first. Paulina asks how things are going with Chanel and Talia. Chanel says there are no complaints, but Johnny wants her back. “Well, what do you know,” Paulina says. “My baby is in demand.”

At the hospital, Jada beams at Talia, who wears her lab coat and stethoscope. Jada knows their father would be so proud. She takes pictures, then shares she’s there to question the woman Ava shot. Talia says the woman is in critical, but stable condition. Jada will wait until she gains consciousness so she can ask who hired her to kill Ava.

In the motel, Ava tells Harris there’s no doubt in her mind that EJ sent that woman to murder her. She knows the only way to get EJ to back off is to find Susan and bring her home to him. Before he leaves for food and supplies, Ava thanks Harris for getting her out of Bayview when he could have left her to die. He’s just glad he was there to help. She urges him to be careful out there.

From the mansion, EJ talks on the phone with a man wearing scrubs at the hospital. The man tells EJ the woman who got shot at Bayview is still unconscious. EJ instructs him to call if she opens her eyes. After hanging up, EJ regards an article about Ava and Harris escaping Bayview. He growls that his hired gun was supposed to put her in the morgue! Johnny enters, wondering what’s got him so upset. EJ badmouths Ava as he fills Johnny in. A more gracious Johnny hopes the police find Ava before she or anyone else gets hurt.

After Wendy and Tripp dress in robes, Rafe stops by their Salem Inn room. After hearing about Ava, Tripp thinks it’s obvious that EJ was the one who tried to have her killed. Rafe promises if there is any evidence suggesting that, they will find it.

As Jada brings Talia coffee from outside the hospital, the sisters return to gushing over Talia being a doctor. Talia then beams while talking about Chanel. She thinks they have another chance at something special. Jada worries she’s not ready to date again so soon after Colin. Talia feels she finally has her life together, and she genuinely wants to be with Chanel. She’s so lucky that she wants to be with her, too.

At home, Paulina asks Chanel how she feels about Johnny. Chanel doesn’t know because she thought they were over. Paulina assures her daughter she accepts Talia despite what she did to them, but she’s always had a soft spot for Johnny. However, it’s her decision. Conflicted, Chanel knows leaving both of them hanging isn’t fair. She has to make a decision.

When EJ learns Johnny didn’t get an answer from Chanel about her feelings, he implores his son to demand one. Johnny’s not going to do that. He put himself out there. If Chanel wants to give them another shot, she knows where to find him. EJ declares DiMeras don’t let others decide their fate. They never leave anything to chance. Chanel calls to invite Johnny over. He deserves a response in person. Instead of wishing Johnny luck, EJ urges him to make his own.

Paulina leaves for her date as Johnny comes to the apartment. Chanel tells Johnny she really likes Talia and wanted to see where things were going before he made his big confession. “And now?” Johnny asks.

As an anxious Ava paces at the motel, Susan appears to her. Ava knows she’s not hallucinating anymore, and Susan’s not dead, so she can’t be a ghost. Deducing Susan is using her psychic powers, Ava begs her to tell her where she is so she can get EJ off her back. Susan wonders why she’d help her after she drove her off a cliff. Ava insists she wasn’t well at the time, but now they can help each other. Susan says she’s not where Ava thinks. When Harris returns, Susan disappears.

Ava tells Harris that Susan projected herself into her mind. Harris wonders why she wouldn’t contact her family. Ava doesn’t pretend to understand Susan, but she kept saying she was stuck in the big smoke. Harris says that it is a nickname for London. Maybe she was giving her a clue. Harris can use contacts to get them there. Ava’s on board, especially since the cops could be kicking down the door any minute.

Holding flowers, Talia leaves a voicemail for Chanel, saying she has something special for her.

Assuming Chanel is choosing Talia, Johnny starts to leave the apartment. Chanel grabs his hand. She explains she wanted to see where things went with Talia until Johnny made his big confession. She has suppressed her feelings for him for a while because she didn’t think they’d be returned. Then, life got in the way. Now, her feelings are anything but suppressed. He moves in for a lingering kiss.

EJ’s guy calls to tell him his hired gun, Joyce, just woke up. In a hospital room, Jada asks Joyce who hired her to kill Ava.

After getting a tip, Rafe and an officer approach Harris and Ava’s motel room. With his gun raised, Rafe kicks opens the door.

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