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Days of Our Lives’ Alison Sweeney Shares a Rescue in the Streets of L.A. With a Happy Ending

“You should have seen me running down the sidewalk… It was nuts.”

Days of Our Lives vet Alison Sweeney (Sami) made one stranger very happy recently. Apparently their dog had gone missing and the actress and her husband not only found him but was able to reunite the pup with its owner.

“Dave and I rescued a dog running in the street in L.A. last Saturday,” Sweeney shared, along with an adorable photo of the little guy all snuggled up on her couch. “Sweet ol’ guy had been out there a while.”

Of the incident that took place on Saturday, January 14, she explained how they took him home, cleaned him up and gave him some much-needed food before taking him to the vet, where a scan proved he had a microchip. “So,” she cheered. “I’m thrilled to report Rufus has been reunited with his owner today!”

Twitter followers quickly commended her for stepping in when Rufus needed a helping hand. “You should have seen me running down the sidewalk trying to catch up without scaring him,” Sweeney replied to one fan. “At one point, I’m in the street blocking traffic. It was nuts. Finally Dave was able to round him up. It was like Yellowstone for a second there.”

We can only imagine how happy Rufus and his owner were to be reunited after his time being alone on the streets — and how good it felt for Sweeney and her hubby to have had a hand in making that happen!

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