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Days of Our Lives Backstab: Nicole’s Life Is About to Be Blown Up By the Last Person She’d Suspect

We know this isn’t how anyone wants to view their child, but in a way, Nicole’s baby on Days of Our Lives is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. It’s not a matter of if everyone will find out it’s not EJ’s kid, but when… and how.

But while we’ve been so focused on the usual suspects — Sloan, Eric (if he learns what happened), even Melinda — a new player has just entered the game. And it’s someone with a very personal stake in Nicole and EJ’s marriage: Holly.

Holly wants Johnny, but how far would she go? Splitting up him and Chanel may not be enough, now that we just learned how worried she is about him rejecting her if they became actual step-siblings. (Yes, Holly, despite how it went down in Clueless.) She does not want EJ and Nicole to marry. Unfortunately, there may not be a whole lot she can do to stop it, because we know the wedding is happening this week.

But even if it does go off without a hitch (a true miracle in Salem), that doesn’t mean she can’t cut this marriage short. All she needs is the right wrench to throw in it. Fortunately, Sloan may have provided just that…

Back when Nicole picked up a new copy of the paternity results and DNA testing, Sloan rushed over to the DiMera mansion to swap it out with another copy of her doctored version. Everything seemed to go according to plan, as far as she was concerned, but we couldn’t help but notice that when she left, EJ still had the envelope that he’d written on — the real results.

No one looked through it to be sure, but he did put it in the DiMera safe to make sure it wasn’t lost again. And if those are the real test results, it’s only a matter of time before it falls into someone’s hands. Imagine Holly’s delight if she finds them and hands them over to EJ. He married Nicole on a lie — there’s no way he’s staying married.

Plus, there likely is a part of Holly who does love Eric and wishes he and Nicole got back together. Yeah, it was the excuse she gave Nicole about why she wasn’t thrilled about EJ, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any truth in it.

Unfortunately, while Holly’s happy to scheme and blow up people’s lives to get what she wants, she may not think through all the consequences. Because if she’s the reason and upset Nicole drives off into the middle of the night that we saw in the big Days of Our Lives preview, she won’t just be responsible for ruining a marriage, but costing Nicole her baby! At least, for a time.

This is what happens when you combine a devious streak with the impetuousness of a teenager. Things are likely to spiral so much farther out of her control than she ever thought possible. And when all is said and done, Nicole may get her baby back, but she’d only have one child left… because she’ll disown Holly!

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