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Days of Our Lives’ Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes Stun Billy Flynn With Their Reaction to His Kindhearted Offer: ‘Don’t Bother… ‘

At least it was the thought that counts?

All Days of Our Lives‘ Billy Flynn (Chad) wanted to do was be helpful. He’s young, he’s hip, he knows all the workings of the online universe — and that includes the streaming world! So when the show decided to release a promo aimed at helping some of Salem’s longtime viewers make the switch from NBC to Peacock, he seemed like the perfect person to help Bill Hayes (Doug) and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) navigate this bold new world!

Except things didn’t go quite as he planned…

“Hey guys,” Flynn announces in the clip the show chippily bounding into the Horton living room, “I’m here!”

The couple happily celebrated his arrival… only for Seaforth Hayes to try figuring out, “Now why is he here…” They wanted help with getting Peacock on their TV, he reminded them. “Oh, that,” Susan shrugged. “We already did that.”

“It was a breeze, kiddo,” Hayes added, before they launched through an explanation of just how they got it working.

Flynn took the news in stride, but when he said he was heading over to help Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) and was told “Don’t bother,” because she’d already figured it out, the poor guy couldn’t help but keep the crestfallen look from his face.

“Do you happen to know if John Aniston (Victor) needs some help?” He asked quietly.

Nah, he’s cool, Seaforth Hayes told Flynn, adding an affectionately pointed, “Darling, give it up!”

Check out the whole adorable clip below (Though should the Hayes really be watching their shows on the Horton’s TV??), and you’ll get some helpful tips on signing up for Peacock yourself!

Honestly, after months of Chad mourning Abigail, it’s nice to see Flynn getting to act happy again! Even if it was for all of 30 seconds… Poor guy.

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