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Days of Our Lives’ Dan Feuerriegel Marvels at the ‘Magnificent Woman’ Who’s Meant So Much to His Life

And we’re sure she couldn’t be more touched!

EJ’s been a bit adrift ever since Ava killed his mom on Days of Our Lives. He hasn’t, it’s worth noting, gone off the deep end with Susan’s death, but things could still turn south at any moment with Kristen holding his secret involvement in Stefan’s brainwashing over his head. Oh, and the fact that he knew she was trying to run off with Rachel and did nothing to stop her. If all of that came out, it would probably be enough to put his control of DiMera on the line.

Fortunately, Dan Feuerriegel is on far firmer ground than his Salem alter ego, and he’s also got a far stronger moral compass than EJ probably ever will. We’re sure his own mom had quite a hand in that. And luckily, unlike Susan, this beautiful woman is still around for all the ups and downs her son may face.

“This magnificent woman has always been by my side,” the actor wrote in a touching Instagram post. “I couldn’t have asked for a better mother to guide me through life. Happy Bday, you inspirational human. Couldn’t love you anymore. And we haven’t aged a day.”

Indeed, they haven’t! Well, Feuerriegel might have gotten just a smidge more grownup since his… prom look? It’s not totally clear, but the actor is looking adorably fresh-faced in his tuxedo in the throwback pic.


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Bài viết do Dan Feuerriegel (@thedanfeuerriegel) chia sẻ

And while fans and friends chimed in with birthday wishes, so too did Tamara Braun, in a touching moment showcasing just how different she and Feuerriegel are from mortal enemies Ava and EJ.

“Awww. So lovely,” she wrote, “Happy birthday to your Mum.”

Braun was also on hand along with a number of other co-stars a few weeks earlier to salute another strong woman in Feuerriegel’s life, his “beautiful” grandmother.

Or, as the actor put it with a series of touching photos on Instagram, “The Matriarch. 90 years young.”


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Bài viết do Dan Feuerriegel (@thedanfeuerriegel) chia sẻ

EJ may have lost the most important woman in his life (for once, it’s nice not to be referring to Sami!) and his family may be in disarray, but it’s beautiful to see that Feuerriegel still has two amazing women to look up to. And in the end, is there much more for us to ask from in life?


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