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Days of our Lives Familiar Face: Who Is Jada’s Hunter’s Ex?

When Eric Brady and Jada Hunter were exchanging first-date bios on Days of our Lives, Salem’s newest cop shared that she had an ex-husband.

Days of our Lives Polling

Sooner or later, said ex-husband is bound to pop up on the canvas, right?! This is a soap opera, after all. The bigger question is — should it be someone we already know?

Salem Needs Fresh Blood

Please, no, 44% of you beg. This is already a painfully inbred and incestuous town. If Jada’s (Elia Cantu) ex is someone we know or, God forbid, someone who has a relative already in town, it will make the situation worse.

A long-lost Horton? One of the off-screen Kiriakis brothers? A Brady? A Donovan? A Price? We’re going with no, no, and no. Make him a complete stranger. Which means every man and woman in Salem is up for grabs! By the way, are we sure that Jada’s ex is a man…let’s make this even more interesting!

Days of our Lives: Already Here

It absolutely should be someone already on the show, 32% of the audience counters. How about Li Shin (Remington Hoffman)? He’s not related to anyone, but it could still stir up some drama. She’s a cop, he’s a (secret) criminal…we can see why they broke up. They’ll know all sorts of things about each other, which should make both characters more interesting. And we’re always in favor of that.

DOOL: Back Home

Let’s split the difference, 24% of voters suggest. It can be someone we know but someone who’s been gone a while. You know, the way Rex Brady’s (Kyle Lowder) fiancée turned out to be Sarah Horton (Lindsay Godfrey).

They both had connections to core families, so we cared, but their relationship was still new to us. The same should happen with Jada and her ex. She’s Marcus Hunter’s daughter, and he’s…also tangentially related to someone we cared about back in the 1980s.


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