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Days of Our Lives’ Latest Exit Makes a Total of Zero Sense

And then there were two? Back over the summer, the second season of Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem treated fans to a long overdue Johnson family reunion as the entire clan gathered in Seattle — before being attacked and forcibly separated.

We reconnected with the recently departed Lucas Adams as Tripp and met Abigail Klein’s Stephanie and Tanner Stine’s Joey. It was a lovely little surprise. On top of that, the Days of Our Lives spinoff gave us an instant fan fave in Victoria Grace’s Wendy Shin, and an immediate, classic triangle as brothers Joey and Tripp good-naturedly fought over her.

It didn’t take long for Stephanie to head over to the main show, and when Days of Our Lives proper brought Wendy to town, we immediately started wondering whether we’d get to see that triangle play out in full. We seemed to get our answer when Joey and Tripp returned to Salem to support Kayla on her near-deathbed, and it looked to be a resounding “Yes!”

Now, though, according to the latest Soap Opera Digest, Tanner Stine’s time in Salem is up, and Joey’s heading out once more. And that has us wondering what in the world was the point of setting up the triangle, bringing all three back to the main show, and then scuttling the whole thing by sending Joey off?

If the show was planning this, why not at least give Wendy a chance to pick her favorite brother first and add a little conflict to his departure? Maybe, like Tripp, he’ll be back sooner, rather than later, but as it is right now, this triangle is dead before it even got started.

Days of Our Lives now exclusively airs on Peacock.

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