Days of Our Lives Murder Mystery Solved? Not So Fast

After months of speculation and red herrings, Days of Our Lives has finally revealed who was behind the murder of Li Shin. According to the new evidence uncovered by Ava, Harris, Rafe and Jada, it appears that creepy lackey Gil was the one who committed the grisly act on orders from criminal mastermind Clyde Weston.

A little black book found by Ava and Harris contained not only incriminating information, but also damning physical evidence tying Gil to the crime. Bloodstains on the book matched Li’s DNA, while fingerprints lifted from its pages belonged to none other than Gil himself. For Rafe and Jada, this bombshell proof means one thing – Gabi Hernandez is definitively innocent of Li’s murder.

While the discovery seems to tie everything up in a neat little bow, the sudden reveal feels almost too easy and convenient after so many twists and turns. Clyde having someone kill Li just to force Stefan into working for him seems like an overly complex plan, even for a schemer like Weston. Whygo to such convoluted lengths when he already has minions running the bistro and doing his bidding?

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This pat resolution also can’t help but feel derivative after Days already did a superior murder mystery that also ended up implicating Clyde as the killer years ago. Have the writers simply decided to repeat that formula rather than craft a more surprising or innovative endgame to Li’s death?

Even more baffling, despite the apparent evidence clearing her, Gabi still remains behind bars for a crime this storyline now insists she didn’t commit. You’d think such a startling development proving her innocence would lead to her immediate release.

The rushed, half-baked nature of this reveal can’t help but raise suspicions that it’s all simply an improvisational stop-gap thrown together during the Writers’ Strike to provide some temporary closure. Once the real writing team returns, it’s highly likely they’ll discard or retcon these hasty plot contrivances in favor or pursuing the original masterplan they had mapped out for Li’s murder mystery.

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After all, we still can’t say for certain that Li is even actually dead, despite what the physical evidence may suggest.Ctor Remington Hoffman’s appearance at the 15,000th episode celebration seemed to hint at Li’s possible survival. Perhaps this was all merely an elaborate scheme by the devious businessman to frame Gabi as part of a larger, still-unseen agenda.

While temporarily sating the appetite for answers, this resolution will likely prove to be little more than a red herring before the real killer’s identity and motivations are eventually uncovered. For now, Gabi may finally get her freedom thanks to this twist, but the true machinations behind Li’s brutal demise have likely yet to even be revealed.

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