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Days of Our Lives Preview: Blake Berris’ Return Kicks Off a Storyline That ‘Seems Too Far-Fetched’

Blake Berris is back on Days of Our Lives! But Nick is most definitely not. No, he’s safely down in hell or… wherever he is these days, scheming on behalf of the devil. Instead, he’s back as Everett a man who, as far as we know, has no ties to Nick.

And while the show introduced him in their big preview released during this year’s Day of Days, according to spoilers, he’s showing up on Stephanie’s doorstep on Monday. Why?

Well, Everett, you see, is Stephanie’s ex — you know, the one who she dated in Seattle and that ended so badly it made her leery of Alex and men in general when she got to Salem. According to the latest Soap Opera Digest, when he shows up, we learn that things were going great between the two, but then Everett ghosted Steph and she hadn’t heard from him in years. Until now.

“After the initial shock” of seeing Everett in Salem of all places, Abigail Klein told Digest, Stephanie “wants answers. She’s pretty demanding of answers. Stephanie thought things were going great, then she never heard from him again.”

And Everett gives her answers, claiming he didn’t actually ghost her and he still loves her. But what he tells her is so out there, even, presumably, for Salem that “Stephanie is kind of skeptical,” Klein shared. “It seems too far-fetched. But at the same time, she did love this guy, so there’s a part of her that really does, deep down, want to believe what really happened.”

So what happened? We know he was married to Jada at one time (unless he’s got a double running around taking engagement photos with her), though that seems like it would have had to come before Stephanie. If he’d come to Salem to explain to Steph that he ghosted her because he romanced and married another woman, we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t be all that understanding.

And Berris himself declared that Everett’s storyline is such a whopper of a tale that, “I would freak my wife out while she was driving because I was so shocked reading scripts.”

Everett may be a new character, but he’s showing up on Days of Our Lives with ties already to two characters on the canvas, so you can all but bet that his mysterious disappearance will have something to do with other Salemites.

And while Stephanie may want to trust the guy, Chad, understandably, won’t. Is Everett a threat on the same level as Nick was? Or is he just a threat to their (already crumbling) relationship? Where was he for the years he disappeared from Stephanie’s life and what happened that both Klein and Berris were shocked?

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