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Days of Our Lives Preview: Gabi Proclaims Her Innocence as Li’s Life Hangs in the Balance — and Everett Comes Between Chad and Stephanie

In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of November 6 – 10, did Gabi try and kill Li, or was it someone else? Read what happens and watch the preview below.

It’s John and Marlena’s anniversary, which means you know what! Yes, they’re breaking out the strawberries and whipped cream. John however starts with some strawberry cream honeybutter.

Last week, Li admitted to Marlena that after losing Gabi he spiraled into a man he was ashamed to be, and felt he had been losing his mind. Meanwhile, Gabi and Stefan continue their plot against Li to try and expose him for planning Stefan’s death, to get him to hand over his shares of DiMera to them, and with Rolf’s help, they got him to confess all on tape. Li handed over his shares and vowed that nobody makes a fool of him, and was especially fixated on making Gabi pay. Meanwhile, EJ was equally furious when Gabi and Stefan gloated they now had the power to oust him from DiMera and take over!

Fast forward to Stefan’s horror… and surprise… when he walked into Li’s place only to see Li face down on the floor with a bloodstain on his back and Gabi kneeling over him with a bloody knife. Coming up, Wendy and Tripp walk into their place to find the same horrific scene Stefan had just moments ago discovered. It sure looks like Gabi tried to kill Li!

At the PCPD, Stefan defends Gabi and says his wife didn’t do this. Jada, with Harris, asks, “If that’s true…” Stefan screams, “There is no if!” Later, Gabi begs Rafe to help her out of the jam she’s in, while at the hospital, Wendy asks Li, “Tell me who did this to you.” Li struggles to get out a name. Will he name his would-be killer, or die before he can?

Elsewhere in Salem, Stephanie was stunned when her ex-boyfriend Everett showed up on her doorstep, with one whopper of a tale as to why he ghosted her in Seattle. It turns out he was in an accident, fell into a coma, and even lost his memory and had to work hard to remember who he was. He pulled her into a kiss, making it clear he wanted her back. Coming up, Everett runs into Stephanie and tells her, “Good morning gorgeous!” Later, Chad lashes out at Stephanie that Everett thinks he’s still her boyfriend. Chad seems pretty defensive for someone who just last week told his mother he never wanted to marry Stephanie!

Also this coming week, Paulina reveals she hired a new DA, as Belle confronts her former lover EJ and tells him, “Honey, this war has just begun!” Alex confronts Theresa over forging his mother’s signature, while Dimitri and Leo are on the run.

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