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Days of Our Lives Shocker: Theresa’s Unexpected Visit from [Spoiler] May Hold the Key to Victor’s Mystery

Now this was an unexpected (but oh so welcome) Days of Our Lives surprise! Theresa, as folks who’ve watched today’s episode know, followed Brady and Alex to Greece, only to hang back in their hotel room while the boys went out searching for Victor answers. She got a knock on the door, opened it and… “Oh my God!”

We knew from spoilers that Theresa was going to run into a loved one on Monday, but in a town like Salem, that could have meant anything and anyone. She’s related to half the residents! (Though not, as she and Alex have noted several times, each other.) Except Theresa isn’t in Salem. So who in the world could she run into in Greece?

It’s kind of obvious when we step back and think about it, but still surprising that we finally get him back: Shane! Soap Opera Digest reports in their latest issue that he’s the mysterious figure who shows up at Theresa’s door. It makes sense. We know he was over there investigating Victor’s plane crash and he’s got to be aware of the fact that Alex and Brady are there now too, since his own son was the one who gave them the Konstantin tip.

So it would have been a crying shame if they didn’t work him in somehow! The last time we saw Shane was over on the first season of Beyond Salem, though we didn’t really get him until the end since it turns out most of the show was his brother Drew masquerading as him.

We don’t have confirmation just yet that Charles Shaughnessy will be reprising the role he originated, but our fingers are definitely crossed. Because of Days of Our Lives‘ shooting schedule, back when this was filmed, Shaughnessy would have still been busy wreaking havoc as General Hospital’s Victor. But an appearance back in Salem, er, Greece, would still have been very much possible. Wally Kurth, after all, has been pulling double duty as General Hospital’s Ned/Eddie and Days of Our Lives’ Justin for years.

As for what Shane’s doing there, according to Digest, he’s got a metal briefcase Victor was carrying when his plane went down and its contents may be just what Brady and Alex are looking for. That is if Theresa actually gives it to them!

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