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Days of Our Lives Shocker: Vivian’s Return May Soon Throw Victor’s Entire Family Into Chaos!

From the moment we learned that Vivian would be making her Days of Our Lives return, we knew she’d be shaking things up. After all, that’s what Vivian does. But then we found out she’d be appearing this Friday, after Victor’s funeral begins and at that point, we realized that it’s all but guaranteed that she’ll be dropping a bombshell.

But what kind? Would she be popping up with a secret Victor child? Nah, been there, done that. That’s what she pulled with Stefan O. DiMera. Would she come back shooting (literally), looking to finally take out Maggie for taking her place with Victor? Eh, if she manages to get out of prison, it seems silly for her to throw it all away with something so gauche.

But that doesn’t mean she won’t come back gunning for Maggie. She’ll just do it in a more… legal way! Because what if, instead of returning with some half-baked violent plot, Vivian comes back to reveal that she and Victor were still legally married?!

You see, back when Victor and Maggie first fell for each other, he was married to Vivian. After trying to kill Maggie outright failed, she decided to settle for taking control of Titan. That was all well and good until Brady stranded her on a deserted island and then traded her freedom for returning Titan to the Kiriakis family and divorcing Victor!

It wasn’t something she wanted or agreed to, so why wouldn’t she have figured out a way to get out of it? It’s something she could have kept in her back pocket for years, since revealing her hand too early would have been disastrous. If Victor was still around, he would have had time to make sure they were divorced, and he and Maggie married.

But if Vivian waited until after Victor’s passing… Well, then there wouldn’t be anything anyone could do about it. As Victor’s legal wife, she could contest whatever the will said, taking everything from Maggie and tossing her out in the cold! Actually, if Vivian got her hands on the mansion, she could toss everyone in the Kiriakis family out!

Well, everyone except maybe Philip — but we don’t see him just going along with a scheme that’s sure to alienate him from his family once again!

Then there’s Titan. If Victor’s shares end up going to her, she could once more maneuver her way into control and install herself into running it. Or she could really slap the Kiriakis family in the face and put Stefan in control, then start her planning for a hostile takeover of DiMera as well.

Everything Vivian ever wanted from the Kiriakises and the DiMeras could soon be hers. And all it took was a little patience.

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