Eric Martsolf Discusses Transition as ‘Days of Our Lives’ Recasts Tate

In a recent interview, Eric Martsolf, the acclaimed actor who plays Brady Black on the long-running soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” opened up about the show’s decision to recast the role of Tate, the son of his character.

The change came about when the previous actor who portrayed the teenage Tate, Jamie Martin Mann, decided to leave the show to focus on his college education at the University of Michigan. Martsolf revealed that he and his co-star Emily O’Brien, who plays Tate’s mother Theresa, were initially shocked by Mann’s decision, but ultimately respected his choice to prioritize his studies.

“It’s not often that you have a kid that young who is so open to questions and being humble about what he’s doing,” Martsolf shared, reflecting on his time working with Mann. The young actor had proven himself to be eager to learn and understand the nuances of the soap opera genre, qualities that Martsolf greatly admired.

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When it came time to find a replacement for the role, the “Days of Our Lives” team turned to Leo Howard, an experienced television actor who had previously appeared in various projects. Martsolf, who has navigated his fair share of role transitions in the past, was more than happy to offer guidance to the newcomer.

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“He actually came to me and said, ‘Look, I’ve done this, and I’ve done this, and I’ve done this, but this is a new medium,'” Martsolf recalled. “It can be daunting for someone. It’s crazy. But this kid, he’s got what it takes.”

The transition from one Tate to another has undoubtedly presented challenges, as the character’s storyline has been anything but smooth sailing. From Kristen’s dramatic theft of Tate from Theresa’s womb to the recent drama surrounding Holly’s overdose and subsequent lies, Tate’s life has been a rollercoaster of events.

Martsolf acknowledged that the new Tate, played by Leo Howard, has his work cut out for him, especially if the character’s relationship with Holly, a complicated figure in his life, continues to be a central focus.

“If Tate’s future is going to be as crazy as his past — from Kristen stealing him from Theresa’s womb to Holly’s overdose and lies putting him in jail and rehab — then Howard more than has his work cut out for him!” Martsolf exclaimed.

Despite the changes, the veteran actor remains confident in the show’s ability to navigate the transition seamlessly. As he stated, “we did what we do on soaps. We found another actor, and I’m happy to say he’s not only good, he’s terrific.”

With Martsolf’s mentorship and the show’s commitment to keeping the character of Tate at the forefront, fans of “Days of Our Lives” can look forward to seeing the latest chapter in this dynamic storyline unfold.

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