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Exiting Bold & Beautiful Fave Darin Brooks Perfectly Poised for a Stunning Days of Our Lives Return

It looks like things are about to get interesting for Days of Our Lives‘ Stephanie and Chad soon, though in Salem interesting is rarely good news! First there’s how much Chad has been recoiling from the thought of making it official with Steph, still unable to move on from Abigail. And now, we know from spoilers that Stephanie’s about to get a blast from her past at her doorstep!

Chances are pretty good that it’s going to make waves for her and Chad, even if we aren’t sure how just yet… but the question is who could do something like that? We know from the big season preview that new guy Everett has some tie to Steph, but what if it’s someone a whole lot more familiar to viewers?

Because Stephanie, you see, has an ex with deep ties to Salem who’s been busy, more or less, elsewhere for years, but is suddenly very freed up: Darin Brooks’ Max Brady.

Yes, Brooks just shared the news that he was off Bold & Beautiful and Days of Our Lives tapes months in advance, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have made it work for his return to be coming up. After all, Wyatt has hardly been seen more than an episode or two here and there on the CBS sudser in ages.

There are so many pieces that would make it just perfect for Max to return. Gwen’s off in Europe working the Von Leuschner family for Dimitri’s inheritance. Frankie may have given up his claim to the fortune, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t hear about what’s going on. He could mention it while talking to his little brother Max and between that and Chelsea’s own visit, Max might decide it’s time to make a return of his own to Salem.

Of course, part of his return, if he was being honest, would be a desire to stop by and say high to his old flame Stephanie, who he dated just before reuniting with Chelsea. (Back when Steph was played by Shelly Hennig.) And that’s where he could run into Chad. The two very briefly overlapped in Salem, but never really interacted. They do, though, share someone in common: Abigail.

Oh, Max could say, Chad was married to Abigail! So sad what happened to her. Just before Max and Stephanie began dating, he had a bit of a fling with Abby — much to the dismay of her family who thought he was too old for her! Max could talk about when he knew her, share stories of a younger Abby before Chad knew her and take a walk down Memory Lane, dredging up even more bittersweet feelings of loss and heartache for Chad.

It wouldn’t take much to pull him further from Stephanie and this could tip his reluctance to to move on with her over the edge to call the whole relationship. He just doesn’t seem ready to move on. And that’s when Max could offer Steph a shoulder to cry on, even as he opens up about the problems he and Chelsea have been having.

Yeah, Chelsea was rosy about their relationship when she was in town for Victor’s funeral, but that doesn’t mean Max feels the same way. He’d admit that things aren’t so hot with Chelsea after all and he was just looking for an excuse to get away. They thought a baby might improve things, but while Chelsea’s happy, he’s just… not.

The writing’s on the wall that Chad and Stephanie just won’t work out and the assumption is she’d just move back to Alex. But that’s the brilliance of bringing Max in to upend that and reunite a legacy couple of yesteryear.

What do you think? Is it time for Max to come back? Would you like to see Darin Brooks head back to Days of Our Lives?

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