Former “The Young and the Restless” Star Sasha Calle Lands New Film Role

Just a few months ago, Sasha Calle was soaring high as the newly-minted Supergirl in the DC Universe’s much-anticipated film The Flash. After starring as Lola Rosales on the long-running soap opera The Young and the Restless, Calle had landed a dream role that countless actors can only fantasize about – playing a iconic superhero on the big screen.

However, The Flash’s rocky road to theaters cast doubt on Calle’s future as the Girl of Steel. Despite fans embracing her portrayal and clamoring for Calle to lead her own Supergirl movie, DC and Warner Bros. made the difficult decision to part ways with the up-and-coming star as they rebooted their cinematic universe yet again.

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While such a setback might derail some actors’ careers, the resilient Calle simply used it as a springboard to her next exciting opportunity. In a testament to her talent and rising star power, she has been tapped for a leading role in the neo-noir thriller Lips Like Sugar.

Set against the backdrop of the iconic 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the film features an impressive ensemble cast including comedy legends Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson. They’ll portray a pair of homicide detectives on the trail of a potential serial killer case that will intersect with Calle’s character.

In Lips Like Sugar, Calle will play Andi, a teenager who befriends Kathryn Newton’s Tracy. But their burgeoning friendship takes a dark turn when Tracy suddenly goes missing, setting off a desperate search by the detectives and Andi to locate her friend before it’s too late.

Rounding out the stacked cast are acclaimed actors Juliette Lewis and Erin Moriarty from the hit show The Boys. With such a murderers’ row of talent assembled, it’s clear that Lips Like Sugar is aiming to be a gritty, suspenseful thrill ride evoking classic noir films of the past.

For Calle, the role marks an incredible opportunity to showcase her acting versatility outside of the superhero realm. While she didn’t get to fully spread her wings as Supergirl, Lips Like Sugar will allow her to tap into heavier dramatic territory as a young woman caught up in disturbing circumstances.

After the disappointment of losing out on being the DCEU’s Supergirl, Calle has swiftly rebounded in a major way. Lips Like Sugar’s compelling premise and caliber of cast and crew prove that Hollywood is still high on the rising star’s talents. And for Calle, it’s clear that she won’t let a minor setback keep a good woman down for long.

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