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Gabi Forces Rolf to Admit He Brainwashed Stefan — and That Li Was In On it

Monday, October 24, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Rolf has another trick up his sleeve after he confesses, Kristen makes herself at home, and Stefan borrows from the past to console Chloe.

In her hospital room, Marlena hangs up with Sami as John walks in. He hands his wife her case files and tells her the doctor said she can go home. She’s thrilled, but John delivers the bad news about Brady breaking up with Chloe. Marlena worries it sets a bad precedent for Rachel, but John thinks Kristen is to blame. They agree Kristen will do anything to get her hands on Rachel. Marlena muses it’s the same when it comes to Brady, but John is confident she no longer holds sway over his son.

At John and Marlena’s, Brady reluctantly confirms to Chloe that Kristen is moving in with him. Gutted, Chloe begs him to go back to the judge and find another solution. Brady calls it his only option, but Chloe wonders why he’s really doing it. Brady sticks to the story that this is all for Rachel. Chloe declares that after caving to Kristen, she doesn’t even know Brady anymore.

After Chloe storms out, Kristen kicks back on the couch and props her feet on the coffee table. Brady warns her that Rachel will eventually figure out Kristen only gives a damn about herself. He doubts she can keep up her good mother act 24/7. She warns him never to threaten her relationship with Rachel again and reminds him she permanently has the upper hand. If she wants them to be a family. They will be. If she wants to live there. They will. Or else the women won’t get their future dose of the serum.

When John brings Marlena home, Brady says there’s something he has to tell them. Kristen walks out with an apron around her waist and John demands to know why she’s there. Kristen grins and asks Brady if he wants to tell them or should she? Kristen flounces to the kitchen to make sure dinner doesn’t burn. John cocks an eyebrow and says, “Son, I think you have some serious explaining to do.”

Stefan knocks on Chloe’s door to check on her after the breakup. When she doesn’t answer, he starts to walk away, but Li shows up. He encourages Stefan to keep fighting for Chloe even though she’s with Brady. Noting it’s none of his business, Stefan tells Li they broke up. Li grins and muses that it worked out for Stefan, but Stefan assumes it worked out for Li as well. Li admits he was thrown when Stefan returned, but it seems clear Stefan no longer has feelings for Gabi. Stefan confirms his feelings died when he did, but he’s not sure why. Li says no matter, because he can be with Chloe now. Stefan smirks and notes Li can be with Gabi.

Later, Chloe returns to her room and finds Stefan leaving a note for her in the hall. He’s sorry about Brady and holds her as she sobs. They go into her room, where Chloe wishes she could get on a plane and get out of Salem. Stefan gets an idea and runs out for supplies to recreate Miami like they did at Doug’s Place. They change into tropical shirts and drink margaritas. Chloe thanks him. It’s the nicest thing anyone’s done for her in a while.

As Rolf packs up his lab, he declares Salem is nothing without Stefano anyway and exclaims, “Good riddance!” However, he opens the door to Gabi. She won’t let him go anywhere until they talk about what he did to Stefan. Rolf declares he saved Stefan’s life. Gabi grabs his box, demanding to know what else he did. He insists he did nothing, so Gabi smashes a vial from the box. He panics and tells her about using Jake’s heart to save Stefan. She’s shocked and demands more answers. When he stonewalls her, she smashes another vial. Rolf taunts that Stefan simply realized she wasn’t worthy of him.

Gabi shoves Rolf against the wall with a scalpel to his throat. When she threatens to slice his carotid artery, Rolf admits he brainwashed Stefan on Kristen’s orders. Also, Li was in on it. Rattled, Gabi can’t think about that right now. She needs Rolf to reverse the brainwashing. He tells her the antidote is in his box. She orders him to get it. He digs out a syringe and sticks her with it. She passes out.

Li runs into Rafe in Horton Square and asks him to be his best man. Rafe wonders if they set a date. Li thinks it’s just a matter of time now that Gabi and Stefan signed divorce papers. Rafe counters, unless Stefan isn’t acting of his own free will. Li thinks Gabi’s theory about Stefan’s brainwashing is just wishful thinking. Rafe says they’ll find out soon enough because Gabi is grilling Rolf right now. Panicked, Li moves to find her, as Gabi shows up. She was just talking to Rolf who said he didn’t do anything to turn Stefan against her — and she believes him. Li tells Gabi he asked Rafe to be his best man. Rafe accepts. Gabi hopes their marriage is as happy as Rafe’s is to Nicole. Rafe looks uneasy.

In his lab, Rolf cackles over his serum making it so Gabi never remembers a thing.

In Eric’s room, he confronts Nicole for firing him because she fought with Rafe. Nicole apologizes. She wants him to stay at Basic Black and to forget it ever happened. Rafe is the one who insisted she hire him back. Eric worries it’s not a good idea. Nicole assures him she and Rafe cleared the air, so it’s all good. However, she admits Rafe accused her of marrying him to avoid her feelings for Eric. She calls it ridiculous, but Eric wonders if it is. Nicole falls back on the explanation that Rafe was busy with Abigail’s investigation. They both look affected, as she again insists everything’s fine between her and Rafe. She asks if he’ll come back to work for her.

At Basic Black, Eric sets up a photo shoot, as Nicole learns the model went back to New York. Eric suggests Nicole step in. She changes into a silky, low-cut dress and nervously stands in front of the camera. He fixes her hair and she starts confidently posing.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Abe shocks Paulina, and Johnny asks Chanel and Allie for a favor.

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