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General Hospital Preview: R.I.P., Ava?

Raise a martini to General Hospital femme fatale Ava Jerome — because she may have enjoyed her last cocktail. The cat with nine lives has already survived being shot, falling from a bridge and the Wyndemere turret, going up in flames, lymphoma and Sonny finding out that she murdered his lost love Connie. But the week of October 16, it looks like her days may be numbered — and that number is in the single digits!

The Ultimate Cliffhanger

As you’d expect, Ava does everything in her power to convince Mason to release her, according to Soap Opera Digest. She begs. She pleads. She flirts. She lies. But nothing in her bag of tricks seems to sway her kidnapper. Even when Cyrus orders his flunky to let his hostage go, Mason doesn’t. At that point, she’s ticked him off.

So Austin’s cousin takes Ava to a cliff with the intention of sending her tumbling down Homer Simpson style. (D’oh!) “Mason decides, ‘Regardless of what my boss says, it’s better for me if there are no witnesses,’” Nathanyael Grey tells the magazine. “The way he looks at it, the moment she was kidnapped, he already knew how this was going to end. [Her death] was a foregone conclusion.”

Who’s the Boss?

Mason is sure to take heat from Cyrus if he disobeys. But if the thug doesn’t, he’s pretty darn sure that there is a prison cell in his future — or worse, courtesy of Sonny. “So it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision,” says Grey. “‘Screw that, I’m gonna kill her!’”

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