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General Hospital Spoilers for the week of July 4

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming week, from Monday, July 4, to Friday, July 8, are available at daytimesoaps.com. As the Fourth of July approaches, Alexis and her new sparring partner have some chemistry, Spencer and Sonny have a meaningful chat, Cody gets sidetracked, and what was intended to be a romantic evening for two devolves into a major catastrophe!

That concludes the Daytime Emmy Awards; here is the entire list of winners for next year. Additionally, discuss the night’s finest and worst events, including the best speech, the largest “revenge” moment, and more.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 4

Monday, July 4 General Hospital spoilers

The Wednesday, November 24, 2021 episode of the soap opera will be repeated due to the holiday.

The most glitzy photo dump of all time is released by Willow’s Katelyn MacMullen.

Tuesday, July 5 General Hospital spoilers

Who doesn’t enjoy a good offer? Will Nina take it if Drew offers her one? (No need to panic, Sonny; this is a business proposal!) Carly does her best to avoid eye contact with Sonny when they come into contact. Will he discover what she is attempting to hide from him?

Spencer and Cameron start out trying to help Trina, but things rapidly go wrong! When the Deception team shows up for Sasha’s debut on the Home & Heart Channel, things also don’t go as expected!

Cody is enjoying himself with Dante and Rocco this evening. till the visitor sees Spinelli in the distance? Why does that concern him so much, exactly?

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) gives a sneak peek at “twisted hijinks” and a new appearance that will undoubtedly cause you to pause.

Wednesday, July 6 General Hospital spoilers

Because of Sasha’s recent actions, Brando is forced to make a choice that must be incredibly challenging.

Sonny is aware that there is a problem. But can he find out what it is from Nina?

Cody interrupts Michael and Willow as they are having fun at the Quartermaine stables.

Britt is taken aback by the response she gets from Kevin.

Carly is given an explanation by Drew. But it might be a major difficulty considering how frequently she hears what she wants to hear.

Thursday, July 7 General Hospital spoilers

Chase won’t support what his older brother is saying, even though Finn is quite certain he is correct. Ned, meantime, is quite certain that he understands Brook Lynn’s frustration.

Alexis is curious as to why Gregory failed to accept the challenge she posed to him. (Honestly, we think we know why: the show’s increasingly unsatisfactory pacing!)

Laura is a little worried about her friend’s relationship despite the fact that Anna and Valentin’s romance appears to be progressing at last. Among others? The impact Victor had on his kid. And what’s this? We’ll let you guess who Valentin is meeting with in the park as Laura expresses her worry.

When Elizabeth sees who Kevin has brought to see her, she could be taken aback. Her actor, Rebecca Herbst, responded to several reports regarding her involvement with the serial opera on Twitter in the meanwhile.

Friday, July 8 General Hospital spoilers

On another subject, Ned and Olivia are at odds with one another. This time, it’s the newbie Cody who has everyone changing their minds.

Whose appearance disrupts Britt and Terry’s attempt to connect while talking about anything from their work to their potential romantic relationships?

Victor is interested in learning more about what he heard after hearing at least a portion of Anna’s phone call. In the meanwhile, Laura’s concern over Valentin’s request is unavoidable. Will she soon become involved in a Cassadine family dispute?

Will Brook Lynn and Chase eventually see how perfect they are for one another and stop with all this postponing foolishness when they decide it’s time for them to have a conversation?

Alexis views verbal combat as almost a mate search. Let’s hope Gregory is able to keep up when they enter the ring together!

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