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General Hospital Spoilers October 31 – November 11

Soapscafe.com has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, October 31, to Friday, November 11. Spinelli’s special skills are called upon once again, and Sonny finds himself in familiar (and potentially hostile) territory. Meanwhile, The Hook strikes again, and Trina is about to get an important piece of info!

General Hospital spoilers week of October 31:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 31:

When Robert finds himself opening up to Holly, might old feelings reignite for this former supercouple?

Scott steps up to help defend Anna, for whom things are not looking particularly good!

Alexis and Gregory do that head-butting thing they do so well after she calls him out.

Get ready, because a reunion that has been literally years in the making is finally about to take place. Could this have any connection to the new patient Finn finds himself treating?

Major stunner! Alley Mills’ General Hospital role revealed — and you’ll be as shocked as Olivia!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday November 1:

If you thought everything that’s happened over the past few months left Elizabeth basically shock-proof, wait until you see what happens when she’s rocked to her very core!

Sonny makes an offer, but it turns out to be one Robert can — and does — refuse.

They may have broken up long ago, but Finn is still there to check up on Anna.

When Drew seeks out Alexis for some advice, is it on a personal or professional level?

Sam may have her work cut out for her when she tries her darnedest to keep the peace!

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, November 2:

What are besties for? To confide in, the way Trina does to Joss.

Scott has made it clear there’s no love lost between him and Cody, so it’s probably not surprising that the attorney and Obrecht give him the cold shoulder.

Alexis turns to Jordan and Dante for an assist.

Gregory definitely has a few reservations, which he gives voice to. But will anyone listen?

As she’s done time and time again in the past, Sam turns to Spinelli when she needs help.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, November 3:

Gladys has suffered so much in the past few weeks, and Austin is there when she finds herself in need of comfort.

Looks like there’s a bump in the road for Portia and Curtis, who wind up having to change their plans.

What will be the outcome of Maxie and Sasha’s very important meeting?

It should be an interesting day for the Scorpio boys as Mac drops some shocking news on Robert.

What is it that has Holly feeling so torn?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, November 4:

No matter how much one wants to forget the past, it’s always there, waiting to be recalled, which is what Cameron and Drew wind up doing today.

Another Port Charles resident turns to Spinelli for help in a time of need. But given that it is Austin this time, will Damian be willing to come to his rescue?

Joss is in for a bit of a shock.

Maxie’s got a theory, and she’s ready to share it. But is she on the money?

Jordan puts more pressure on Portia.

General Hospital spoilers week of November 7:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, November 7:

Want to hear three words that should terrify the people of Port Charles? Well, here they are: Esme gets creative. (Chilling, right?)

Nina has shared many things with Sonny since they connected in Nixon Falls, but how will he react when what she shares is her suspicions? (Meanwhile, has Carly figured out a way to come between her husband and his new girlfriend… without even trying?)

If Victor is right, he may finally have found exactly what he’s been searching for.

Proving herself to be a true friend, Terry is there to offer Elizabeth the encouragement she needs.

When Willow confides in TJ again, she might want to make sure Nina — who has misinterpreted their relationship in the past — is not in the vicinity!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday November 8:

Scott might want to brace himself, ’cause a blast from the past is headed his way. (Our bet? he’s about to be reunited with the one and only Heather!)

When Sam takes a meeting with Britt, does this mean she has more information about the necklace and where it came from?

There’s no love lost between Michael and Nina, and the confrontation they have today isn’t likely to change that situation!

What’s about to knock Finn’s socks off? And is it along the same lines as the nasty surprise in store for Nikolas?

Marcus Coloma (Nik) looks back in disbelief at the angry young man he was: “Everyone thought I was crazy, and so did I.”

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, November 9:

If Mac and Dante are both being summoned, something tells us it has to be big. But what? And does it have anything to do with the revealing conversation Mac later has with Felicia?

How will Cody’s big decision impact his future in Port Charles?

Michael receives shocking news.

When The Hook strikes again, does that mean yet another local resident is about to die? And will this person, as with other victims, be somehow connected to Trina?

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, November 10:

Elizabeth is about to wind up in way over her head. But what is the source of the danger?

Willow has plenty of things to be worried about, but with whom will she share those concerns?

Nina is about to go on her version of an apology tour. Will she be able to make amends?

There’s a fugitive on the loose, but — armed with a new lead — Jordan is hot on their trail!

Victor issues a new set of orders.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, November 11:

Austin is there when Britt needs someone to confide in. (And if we’re being honest, we’re still rooting for these two to get together!)

Spencer might be surprised to see who has swung by Pentonville to visit him this time!

When Sonny is asked to come down to the PCPD, are they looking to charge him with a crime… or seek his advice?

Anna has reason to be thankful, and she is ready to express as much.

Will the eye-opening information that Trina comes into have something to do with the attacks which have been taking place all over town?

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