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General Hospital Tees Up a Long-Awaited Reunion for Valentin and [Spoiler]


It’s the General Hospital moment we’ve been waiting for — Valentin will finally be reunited with his daughter Charlotte and fans can expect to see Amelie McLain back in the role during the week of October 31, as reported by Soap Opera Digest.

James Patrick Stuart gave the magazine a preview of what’s ahead once the father/daughter duo come face to face in Switzerland and though Valentin had to agree to Victor’s terms, he didn’t think twice if it meant he could finally see his daughter again.

“He is putting on a brave face and trying to make Charlotte think that everything is roses, while at the same time trying to figure out a way to get her out of this situation,” the actor stated.

Though fans will feel the love coming though their screens during this much-anticipated reunion, Valentin will also be “plotting and calculating” his next move — without alerting Charlotte that anything’s wrong — in order to get them out from under Victor’s thumb and to get back to Anna.

In fact, when Valentin receives a call from Felicia and learns Anna’s been arrested for Lucy’s supposed murder, he realizes that Victor whisked him away in order to frame the woman he loves. Valentin is furious, but does he have what it takes to bring his father down for good and save the two person he loves most in this world?

“Valentin really needs someone to come to his rescue,” Stuart teased. “And someone surprising does.”

So, who do you think will help Valentin? Will Anna find her own way out of this mess and be able to bring her love and his daughter back to Port Charles safely? Or, will someone very unexpected save them all? Stay tuned!



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