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General Hospital Wedding Preview: Here Comes Blair… *and* the Bride?

Today’s the day fans of One Life to Live’s Kassie DePaiva have been waiting for — the day Blair reappears on General Hospital and turns up in Port Charles! And as we reported earlier this month, the reason why Blair makes the trek to town is to see Martin — her ex-husband. However, little does everyone know that she’s really there to meet with her co-conspirator, Tracy, to make Martin pay.

So, how does she make her grand entrance?

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, DePaiva teases, “It begins with a long, leggy start on the feet [the camera pans up] and you don’t know who it is.” From there, Blair and Tracy take a meeting at the Metro Court, where she’s brought up to speed on the lawsuit and ultimately how they can bring down Lucy. But wait, there’s more… they also want to make sure Martin marries Lucy so Blair can be done paying him alimony.

During all of this, Martin becomes aware of Blair’s presence and tries not to fidget in front of Lucy. “He gave Blair’s idea for Deception to Lucy,” DePaiva continued, which is where his deception toward Blair comes into play — and she’s going to make him pay.

Viewers will get a kick out of how Blair “toys with” Martin until Lucy steps away. When she approaches him, Martin claims not to have seen her but Blair protests. “It’s a lot of fun banter,” she revealed, especially when he shows his hand, which proves he really did see her, and demands to know why she was talking to Tracy.

Blair’s taunting continues when she inquires about the “beautiful brunette” he was with, to which he claims ignorance — and replies, “Who? I don’t even know her name?” That’s when Blair reveals that she know it was Lucy — and that’s when Martin starts to really squirm. She makes it clear she’s holding all of the cards and that he better do what she says. “I will not hesitate to tell Lucy,” Blair warns. “And prove to her that you stole my idea and gave it to her, thank you very much!”

We can’t wait to see DePaiva back as Blair — and can’t wait even more to see this drama unfold! How about you?

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