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General Hospital’s Carly May Be Going to Prison After All

No matter how many times Carly gets burned, she just can’t quit playing with matches. In the October 9 episode of General Hospital, she approached Alexis with intel about the judge who sent Drew up the river for insider trading in what both women agreed was a gross miscarriage of justice.

Never mind that Drew was guilty as charged — and so, for that matter, was Carly. According to the rules of soap-opera law, prison time is reserved for Big Bads like Cyrus Renault and fall guys like Shawn Butler (who was wrongly incarcerated for shooting Hayden Barnes… Well, kinda wrongly. He didn’t shoot Hayden, but he was trying to gun down Drew. Anyway, we digress… )

The cockamamie plot that Carly and Alexis cooked up involves getting the judge to reveal that he’s in the pocket of special interests. But in the real world, such a scheme would — could — never work. Even if he took his foot and inserted it directly into his mouth, the worst that would happen is he’d be “exposed” in the pages of The Invader. Whether he’s a big blabbermouth, he’s not going to give Alexis a quote like, “You would not believe how lucrative it was for me to send Drew Cain to jail.”

What’s more, the judge would then want to retaliate against Carly. And how long do you think it would take him to find some health-code violation or other that would shut down Kelly’s? Hell, he could even go after her for attempted entrapment. If “innocent by reason of I’m a main character” is a workable defense, “guilty by reason of your scheme was lunkheaded” is surely a feasible offense, no?

In the end, rather than just be glad that she isn’t already serving time for insider trading, Carly could wind up being handed a prison jumpsuit as a memento of her sting operation gone bust. Isn’t it about time she was made to pay for any of her crimes?

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