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General Hospital’s Emme Rylan Shares an Exciting Status Update: ‘I’m Overjoyed’

“The last few insane years have moved behind me.”

Everyone in Port Charles knows that Lulu is still in a coma at a special care facility but her portrayer Emme Rylan has been out and about these days. In fact, the former General Hospital actress recently admitted, “I’m going to try now to dress myself so that I can leave the house.”

Rylan posted a cute Instagram video and explained, “I don’t know what happened but it’s like something just clicked and I just feel normal again.” She’s simply “overjoyed” and went on to talk about how insane the last few years have been, and how they have moved behind her now, then shared that she was going to try to dress herself so that she could leave the house “not always in my sweatpants,” even though she said she’d still be wearing sweatpants “like 75% of the time.”

She then made one thing clear, “This is not an ad,” and revealed, “This actually has no point,” but went on to say just how much she loves shopping at American Eagle, “even though everyone who’s shopping there may be in 7th grade.” Not only did Rylan show off her super cute jeans that she bought but she gave followers a look at the new beanies she just had to have.


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Sometimes a little retail therapy is all it takes to make one feel normal again and this seems to be the case for the ABC soap fave, who happens to be quite creative herself and sells her own homemade products.

While we would love to see Lulu return to the fold, it doesn’t look as though that’s going to happen anytime soon. So for now, we’ll continue to tune in to Rylan’s page to see what other fall fashion she stirs up this season!


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