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General Hospital’s Laura Wright Braces Carly Fans Before Revealing a ‘New Side to Her’


The emotional experience in Jacksonville will have a visible impact on the Port Charles character.

Things have been a bit stressful for General Hospital’s Carly as of late and given some of the memories of the past that she’s been forced to faced, well, they are going to have an effect on how she faces life — for a little while, anyway. In the latest issues of Soap Opera Digest, Laura Wright reflected on her character’s time in Jacksonville, Florida and how it will impact her future.

“This story was about what happened that shaped Carly’s life and what she ran away from at the time,” stated Wright, who went on to explain that Carly needed to hear Peyton’s backlash — she needed to face the choice she had made in the past, which included sleeping with her best friend’s father and another woman’s husband, even though she was a 16-year-old who was seduced by an adult man. “I feel like now, she has come full circle with it and realizes that all those things made her who she is and she has nothing to be ashamed of.”

Like any emotional experience, this will leave an evident mark on Carly and viewers are going to see a “new side to her,” revealed Wright, who in the same breath shared, “We’ll see for how long!” She also assured that Carly is still “who she is,” a scrapper, a take-no-crap-from-anyone “mama bear.” However, the whole experience in Florida was like a “divine intervention” since she had “no intention whatsoever of ending up in Jacksonville.”

As for Drew’s part in being there for the experience, as well as whether or not this will impact Carly’s decision to keep Harmony’s secret from Willow… “It was a great way to really connect Drew and Carly and solidify their relationship,” Wright expressed then reiterated, as she’s stated in the past, that this will not change her character’s mind where Willow is concerned. Her daughter-in-law told Carly she had no desire to find out who her biological mother was — especially if it was someone like Nina — therefore, unless “it’s necessary in Willow’s world,” given that she’s currently sick, “Carly’s kind of let that one go.”

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