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General Hospital’s Nina Finds a Way to Screw Up Even a Good Deed — How, Girl? How?

“As usual, Nina put her own needs first… ”

It should have been so simple. By taking a moment to prioritize her actions, General Hospital‘s Nina could have not only done the right thing but proved once and for all that her heart is in the right place. Instead, she used the truth about her newly-discovered connection to Willow as a bludgeon with which to do more harm than good.

It’s no secret that many in Port Charles — not to mention the viewing audience — took issue with Nina’s decision not to tell Sonny’s family that he was alive and well (if memory addled) and living in Nixon Falls. Sure, she walked away the winner of Sonny’s heart, but she lost points with many folks in the process.

Here was the perfect opportunity to make things right — or at least righter. All Nina had to do was, upon discovering not only that Willow was her daughter but that the young woman is dying — was rush on over to the hospital and immediately have herself tested to see if she might be a potential bone marrow donor.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy… right? In fact, had Nina gone this route, she then could have quietly, with no fanfare or fuss, have saved her daughter’s life. Later, once Willow had recovered fully, Nina could have emerged form the shadows to say, “By the way, I’m your mom. I didn’t want to tell you before because your health was so unstable. Now, however… ta-da!”

Instead, as reader SusieInAtlanta pointed out on Twitter, “As usual, Nina put her own needs first and went bursting into Willow’s room, upsetting her again.”

This did not, of course, yield the warm-and-fuzzy results Nina was no doubt hoping for. In fact, after processing the news and asking Michael to leave the room, Willow, her eyes cold, let Nina know exactly where they stood: “I asked Michael to leave to spare you some dignity,” the ailing Willow said, “but make no mistake: The fact that you and I share a blood tie changes nothing between us!”

Her voice chilly as an ice cream carton pulled from the very back of the freezer, Willow continued. “If there is proof that you are my biological mother, I will accept that fact. But I will never accept you!”

Only time will tell if things between the women will thaw if, as we all assume, Nina is the one who saves Willow. But something tells us it’s gonna take more than a little bone marrow and an apology or two for Willow to see Nina as anything but her mother in biological terms only!


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