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General Hospital’s Rena Sofer Returning as Lois

Rena Sofer is back on General Hospital after 26 years! And yes, we used the present tense! She’s bringing the much-missed Lois back to Port Charles, 30 years after she first debuted back in 1993.

People reports that Sofer has already begun taping her scenes this week, which makes her set to air by mid-October. It’s the news we’ve all been hoping to hear, even as we didn’t dare let ourselves dream quite that big.

Still, if ever the stars were aligned, it was now. Sofer left Bold & Beautiful’s Quinn behind back in 2022 after a nine-year run and Ned’s been gone for some time now as Eddie Maine’s been running around Port Charles. And Eddie, we all know, is the whole reason Lois ever came to town!

The two met back when the rock star was little more than a wishful thinking alter-ego as bored playboy Ned decided he was much better suited to the musician life. He went on tour with his band, met and fell in love with Lois (who also became his manager) and started an entirely new life! Until Ned married Katherine Bell, Lois learned he wasn’t who he said he was and a bigamist on top of it and, well, things got messy.

Now, though, Ned’s bonk on the head means he isn’t just playing at Eddie but thinks he actually is him. And that was all but sure to get the attention of Lois, wherever she’s been and whatever bands she’s been managing since she was last seen in 2005 (played at the time by Lesli Kay).

Will Eddie inevitably be drawn to Lois, breaking Olivia’s heart, or will she end up being the person who finally snaps him back to Ned?

We don’t know, but we can’t wait to find out. And amnesia or not, we can’t wait to see Eddie and Lois reunited on our screens once again, three decades after their first magical meeting!

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