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General Hospital’s Roger Howarth Sings the Praises of a ‘Sweet, Generous’ Castmate, But — Oh Yes, There’s a ‘But’

Yes, it may have taken General Hospital’s Roger Howarth a little while to join Instagram, but since signing up for some social media fun back in September, Austin’s portrayal has taken to it like a duck to water! From his unbelievably entertaining introduction video to his cheering on castmates’ milestones and accomplishments, Howarth’s Instagram page has been the place to go for feel-good vibes and positive posts.

So we weren’t surprised when the actor had a little extra love for a co-star we don’t get to see him interact with enough on-screen, Dominic Zamprogna! Then again, as one fan pointed out in the comments of Howarth’s post, if we did see Austin and Dante in more scenes together, it would probably mean the good doc was in a whole heap of trouble with the law! (Which, honestly, might be coming eventually with all he and Ava are mixed up in…)

“Love this guy,” Howarth wrote. “Terrific actor. Sweet generous human. (Warning, however… don’t play footie with him. He will run ‘round you like you’re a traffic cone.)”

Footie, of course, for those who aren’t sports fans, is short for football — the soccer variety, not the NFL kind! So while Howarth’s praise did come with a bit of a warning, we’re still gonna take it as a positive! And so, too, did the actors’ fans!

“Roger,” moknitsforfun wrote in the comments, “you are giving us the content we want to see.” Chupbaca agreed, writing, “I love how every post of yours is all about propping others up. It’s lovely.”

That it is! The world can seem a bit rough at times (especially right now), so it’s always nice to see someone we follow and admire taking the time to support and boost the people around them!

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