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GH Opposite Day: Is It Strange To See a Friendly Ava Jerome and Sonny Corinthos?

These two used to hate each other so what gives?

On General Hospital, Ava Jerome Cassadine and Sonny Corinthos may be little Avery Corinthos’ parents, but it’s not like they ever so much as liked, must less loved each other.

General Hospital Polling

In fact, the day they conceived little Avery…in a crypt, as one does…they were actually expressing how much they hated each other. Just in a very strange way. So is it odd to see them be all buddy-buddy now?

GH: Survival of the Fittest

It makes perfect sense, 61% of you insist. Ava (Maura West) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) have always had more in common than they were willing to admit. They’re both mob-affiliated, who believe all acts, evil or otherwise, are on the table as long as they get what they want…er, do what’s best for the people they love. They both truly love Avery and are co-parenting her already. It’s better for everyone if they’re on good terms. And who knows what else could develop.

Sonny Corinthos: Fun Home

Who cares if it makes sense, 28% of the audience shrugs, it sure is fun. Very few people can stand up to, and snark at Sonny like Ava does. And it manages to upset Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), who spent most of her marriage to Sonny pretending like Avery was her child, not Ava’s, to the point where she wanted Avery to call her “Mommy Carly,” and acting like Ava wasn’t even a surrogate womb…she was literally nothing. That’s going to be a lot harder now that Sonny doesn’t hate Ava as much as Carly would like him to.

Avery Jerome: Enemy Mine

Considering how much they’ve hated each other for years, even before Avery’s conception, back when Ava was dating Sonny and Carly’s only biological son together, Morgan Corinthos, 11% of voters aren’t buying this lessening of tensions. It’s confusing. It should stop.

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