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Goodbye, Gabi: Days of Our Lives’ Stefan May Have No One to Blame for Her Exit But Himself

The winds of change are blowing in Salem these days, and it looks like Days of our Lives’ Stefan and Gabi are about to be caught up in them. Besides, of course, their love for each other, one of the biggest things the two share is their mutual lust for power. And now, it seems, they may finally get everything they desire. But at what cost?

Spoilers for next week suggest that things will soon looking up for Stefan and Gabi. And since Chad — who’s currently over at Titan — won’t be thrilled at finding out who his new boss is, we’re pretty sure Vivian’s about to yank Victor’s beloved company out of Maggie’s hands and turn it over to her son. And we aren’t talking about Philip!

Vivian came to town with Stefan determined to put him in charge of DiMera Enterprises, but we don’t see her turning up her nose at handing him the Kiriakis’ company as a prize either. But just because they get their hands on Titan, that doesn’t mean Vivian or Stefan are giving up on DiMera! Titan could just give them the leverage to make a play for both companies. And that would make enemies of two very powerful and, at times, very vindictive families.

Of course, speaking of enemies, we can’t forget Dimitri. As much as he’s been domesticated lately, we know how dangerous he can be. He’s in the DiMera camp, in theory, but he’s also making a play for another family fortune and Gabi and Stefan are determined to insert themselves into his Van Leuschner drama and use it to their advantage. After all, some extra money wouldn’t hurt in taking over pretty much the entirety of Salem’s corporate world!

And then add to all of that Vivian. The spoilers also have her intervening in Gabi and Stefan’s plan with Dimitri. There’s no way that can go well! She may be ready to hand her beloved Stefan a win, but she has always and will always be a ticking time bomb. Victor’s supposed widow rarely, if ever, leaves without some kind of horrific act.

In short, Gabi and Stefan may end up grasping for far more than they can hold. Soon enough, it won’t be who’s gunning for them, but who isn’t?

Normally, we wouldn’t worry too much, but we know Gabi’s time in Salem is almost over. And yeah, maybe Gabi is in this all with Stefan, but if she ends up dead in the resulting free-for-all crossfire, we’re pretty sure he won’t stop blaming himself for a long, long time. There’s no amount of money or power that would fill that void in his heart.

That’s something that Gabi, herself, once learned when she lost him!

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