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Happily Ever After? Days of Our Lives Just Proved How Perfect Xander and Sarah Are Together

No matter how many times they’re thrown together, Days of Our Lives‘ Sarah and Xander just can never seem to get it right. Case in point just this past Wednesday — just as Xander and Sarah seem to be warming to discussing their custody battle as calm, caring adults, Eric burst in and blew it all up. Granted, he burst in with the news that Xander was playing hardball (as Sloan suggested), but still, “Xarah” was thisclose to moving forward in a healthy manner for once!

At this point, it seems almost impossible that they’ll ever get their act together enough to work out — but Days of Our Lives just showed us exactly why they should. In the end, it all comes down to chemistry and Paul Telford and Linsey Godfrey have that in spades. And when they get to let their fun sides shine through, that’s when their characters really work together!

That was never more apparent than when the two actors quizzed each other for Days of Our Lives mini “game show” Beat the Hourglass! First off, Telfer quizzed Godfrey on all things Sarah, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say she passed with flying colors. But how would you do? Check out the questions below before you tune into the video and see how Godfrey absolutely sailed through the challenge.

When she first returned to Salem in 2018, who did Sarah fall for? How are Sarah and Will Horton related? What is Sarah’s nickname for Xander? Who stuffed Sarah in a trunk? Who did Rex cheat on her with? What color is the Horton sofa? (OK, that’s curveball!) Who is Sarah’s biological father? Who scrambled Sarah’s brain with drugs? Who convinced Xander to switch Sarah’s baby? What’s the name of the Kiriakis butler?


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Yup, not only did Godfrey beat the hourglass, she also got a full 10 out of 10! Could Telfer do as well? Spoiler alert: No. But hey gave it one heck of a run! Check out his questions below before finding out the answers and seeing how well he did. Which ones do you think he missed?

What year did Xander come to Salem? What was his occupation when he arrived? How are Xander and Justin related? What color are the stools in the Brady pub? Who was Xander’s first love interest in Salem? Who performed Xander and Sarah’s completed wedding? What bride did Xander shoot in 2018? What child did he kidnap in 2019? Whose baby did he switch? Who tricked Xander by wearing the Sarah mask?


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Bài viết do Days of our Lives (@dayspeacock) chia sẻ

And no, while Telfer didn’t beat Godfrey, over on his Instagram stories, he cracked that “I let her win. Otherwise she gets violent.”

Of course, the comments of both Instagram posts were flooded with pretty much the same sentiment: These two are adorable together! And that just means that Xander and Sarah need to be properly reunited sooner, rather than later. Because this kind of chemistry only comes along once in a blue moon!

So while “Xarah” may be at odds now, we can still hope that better things are coming. They’ve got their daughter, and Xander’s got one heck of a windfall coming his way once Alex is dethroned as the pretender to Victor’s throne. No matter how dark things seem at the moment, this quiz game is just one more thing convincing us that their future could be very bright indeed.

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